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Sports Banquet Astounds Guests with Record Breaking Attendance and Sport Seasons

By: Jacob Holevar

On Thursday May 3rd, Tri-City Prep hosted its annual Sports Award Banquet at the Yavapai Gathering Center.

The Sports Banquet is intended to honor the athletes at TCP. The parents and coaches are also recognized for their support. This year’s banquet was a record breaking size and hosted nine teams: Archery, Men’s Basketball, Woman’s Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Rowing, Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball.

The night started with a spaghetti dinner for five dollars, during which attendees could eat and socialize until the award ceremony started at six o’clock.

During the award ceremony, each coach called his team up to the front of the room. At this time the coaches handed out awards to each athlete for their participation. The coaches also handed out specialized awards to the athletes that the coaches thought deserved them.

The specialized awards varied for each sport. For instance, Soccer handed out awards such as most goals scored, most assists, best goal to shot ratio, and others like those. Rowing handed out awards such as best coxswain. Volleyball gave out awards like most apt to dive for the ball.

Once every team had given out their awards, the scholar athletes were called up. To become a scholar athlete, athletes must participate in the same sport for at least three years and maintain a grade point average of at least three point five.

This year the school had a record breaking thirteen scholar athletes: Kevin Andreasky, Katy Chandler, Genaro Cornela, John Dery, Nathan Dodge, Bethany Ford, Jessica Holevar, Becca Kepner, Karen Ann Mancha, Farah Massardi, Danielle Oquist, Ashton Sands, and Gavin Turner. Two of those athletes, Kevin Andreasky and Jessica Holevar, were both four year scholar athletes.

These athletes had an average unweighted GPA of 3.75 and a weighted GPA of 4.12. The parents and staff were both amazed and honored as the athletes were recognized for their great achievements. This year, TCP sports were highly successful with an undefeated Soccer season, record breaking Basketball seasons including a first-time championship for the Girls’ Basketball team, and an excellent Rowing season. We hope next year’s teams can measure up to the excellent skill and ability demonstrated by this years’ athletes.


The Great Graduates’ Adventures Begins

By: Jacob Holevar

As the end of the year approaches, seniors and graduating juniors have made their final decisions as to where they are going to college.

There are forty-four seniors and three juniors graduating this year. These seniors and juniors have worked really hard throughout their high school career at TCP. These students are reaping the benefits of their work as they go to college. An example of this hard work is the fact that eighteen of the forty-four, over 40%, seniors qualified for the tuition waiver for in state universities.

However, not all of these seniors used their tuition waivers because some are pursuing education out of state. These seniors are: Jesse Blum and John Dery attending American University, Marisa Eastman attending Concordia University, Connor Handolson attending a college in Santa Fe, NM, And Marisa Melchior, a junior, attending Utah Valley University. Jessica Holevar is attending the University of Pennsylvania, which is one of the eight ivy league schools in the country.

The rest of the seniors are pursuing in state education, or in Joe Peck’s case, following a career path in the military. There are a total of thirty-eight students going to an in state college or university. Five of those students are attending ASU, five are attending NAU, seven are attending U of A, two are attending GCU, three are attending ERAU, fourteen are attending YC, and two have not decided

One of the other juniors, Brittany Walker, will also be attending YC. The third junior, Georgia Massie will be traveling around the world with her parents.

Lonesome Valley Playhouse: The New Place in Town

By: Alexes Niekamp

There is a new place in town. Lonesome Valley Playhouse is now located at 544 Sixth St in Prescott. LVPH is not only a theatre but offers many other endless opportunities. LVPH shares the space with Prescott Center for the Blind. Clyde Neville built a stage and Tamee Niekamp just directed the first play at this location a few weeks ago.

Tamee Niekamp said, “This is a place for the community to go and geared to children, teens and adults.” Tamee continued,”We have many ideas and events coming to Lonesome Valley Playhouse.” Clyde Neville also has been an active member of the community for many, many years. Clyde believes that everyone should have their moment to shine on stage. Tamee added that this location can be rented out for parties, lectures, school events, rehearsals, dance classes and whatever else you can think of at very affordable rates.

Some upcoming events:

Wednesday ,May 16th– Auditions for “Mama Mia..the Next Chapter..” at 6:30pm-bring a song and be prepared to sing and read part of the script. The play will be performed on July 27th and 28th at Franklin School in Prescott Valley.

Saturday, May 19th- A Fundraiser Fashion Show (all ages) for Monica Kaplan and family. Monica a mom of two just had a double lung transplant.

Zumba will be renting out the space for classes on Wednesday nights at 5:30pm and TEEN Zumba will be on Fridays at 5pm -Zumba is a dancing exercise class and only will cost teens $4 per class. Adults are $5 per class.

There is access to a party planner, and students, Jacob Barbe and Brandon Gabaldon are available for your DJ needs at your event.

Tamee and Clyde will be working on their smaller productions at Lonesome Valley Playhouse. The bigger productions will still be out at Franklin school like this Summer’s production of “Mama Mia… the Next Chapter.” For more info like Lonesome Valley Playhouse on Facebook for updates on events or you can also call Tamee for more info at 499-8664.

TCP Softball Ends With a Bang

Emly Beaman dives to tag a girl out.

By Sabrina Flick

The Tri City Prep lady panthers finished their season on a successful note after playing their last game of the season. The game was held April 25th at Heritage Park in Prescott, and all of the girls were excited and ready to win their last game.

The girls walked onto the field with a great attitude and were ready to play a great game. Tri City led Orme in runs the entire game and held them at 0 runs until the last inning. It was a well thought out and executed game in which each player was alert and ready for anything.

The final score was 11 to 1 with Tri City in the lead. This final victory was very exciting for the team and was the perfect finish to a spectacular season. Coaches Randal and John were fantastic coaches and their dedication to the team saw them through a successful season.

“Both the last game and the season were really fun,” said Alison Whitney, a freshman.

Overall the Lady Panthers played a great season, and their attitudes stayed positive through everything with hard work predominating over everything else.

“I think that this was a very successful softball season. We’ve improved so much and held our own against bigger, more experienced schools. The last game was the sum of all our hard work and everyone played great and enjoyed themselves,” said Paige Skousen, a sophomore who is the catcher on the team.

There were many highlights of the season and each player had their own good play and shining moment.

“I had so much fun! The coaches were awesome and I loved the girls!” said Caroline Ward.

“The girls had an excellent season this year. They all improved greatly and I hope to see them all play next year and have an even better season,” said Cody Tegman, the team’s manager.

Spring Art Show and Musiuc Concert a Huge Success

By Anna Flurry and Taylor Whittemore

Thursday the 19th was a night to remember. TCP students exhibited their creativity and musicality in the annual spring concert and art show.

The night started off with a display of artistic abilities from the art students.

There were both pieces from 2D Art and 3D Art on display. It is mandatory to have a piece in the show if you are taking an art class.

The 2D art class had black and white prints of various objects. These prints were called woodprints. There were twenty-three of them on display, and they were hanging on a wall.

3D art class made lures for their dreams out of cloth. There were fifty-seven lures on display. There was caution tape around the project to protect the audience from the sharp hooks that were attached to the majority of the pieces.

There were also tags near each piece with the individual’s name and the name of their artwork.

Later, the music program got to show off. Choir began the concert, followed by Beginning Strings and Chamber Orchestra. The performance finished up with a lively rendition of “O Sifuni Mungu,” which was sung by the entire collection of music students.

“I liked ‘O Mine Eyes,’” said Sarah Cramer, junior, referring to a choir piece, “because it was beautiful and sad.”

Preparing for the concert was hard work for all involved. Music students had to practice the plethora of pieces for the concert. The spring newsletter was written by students as well. Mrs. Terauchi was obviously very involved in directing the activities, teaching her classes, and helping the students reach their goals as well.

“We practiced a lot and listened to a recording of ourselves,” said Cramer, indicating that when they first listened to themselves sing, they felt there was much work to do. However she noted, “We all worked very hard to make it a success.”

Later this year, the music department will be playing the pre-graduation concert and “Pomp and Circumstance” for the seniors.