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The Mary Ellen Halvorson Education Foundation Scholarship

By: Daniel Couthran

When one thinks of Dr. Halvorson, several thoughts come to mind; innovator, mentor, helper, just to name a few.  We see her as the person who founded the school, someone who had the perseverance and motivation to make her dream come true. Even after she has achieved so much from her genuine passion for caring, she still gives back to the students that she has helped formed and whose lives she has touched.

by: Daniel Couthran

Available in her name is the Mary Ellen Halvorson Education Foundation Scholarship. This year the foundation is trying to give a total of $10,000 in scholarships. This is something to be looked at for any graduating senior. The applications are available in Mrs. Norris’s office, and require little work to fill out. We all know how lazy seniors can be with a month left of high school.

The application simply wants college plans, some signatures from teachers, list of courses and clubs, grading the amount of parental support, and some rudimentary signing. It is well worth the time and effort to at least take a peek at the form. The deadline was April 30 and we’re all anxious to discover who the lucky winners will be.


Student Council and PAL Members Enjoy Humorous and Meaningful Workshop

By: Daniel Couthran

On Wednesday March 28th a PAL representative came to TCP and gave a workshop to the members of Student Council. The rep, captivated the audience for the duration of the presentation with numerous jokes and interesting stories.

For the two hour workshop, activities were planned to get audience members familiar and loose. The first activity was to get familiarized with the others around you. The goal was to find out five new things about someone you don’t know well. After finding out these new things, the couple then had to tell the room what they had learned about the other person. Even Mrs. Milliken and Mr. Pasterino participated and shared.

Next was a more intense activity. Everyone was seated in a large circle, and someone in the middle commented on what they liked. Then everyone whom it applied to had to rush to a new chair. The key was to realize how quick one had to act in order to make a difference in other’s lives.

The activities went on, each with various results and goals. The atmosphere throughout the event was lively and exciting. Everyone was anxious to share and participate, leading to a successful and memorably workshop.

NHL Playoff Connections at Tri-City

By: Alexes Niekamp

Students at Tri- City have been watching the TV tentatively. The Stanley Cup playoffs have officially started. So far the Detroit Red Wings are out; they played a great game, but the Nashville Predators came back and won forcing the Red Wings to end their pursuit of the Stanley Cup.

We have three big Detroit Red Wings fans here at Tri-City, Alexes Niekamp, Joe Peck and Karen Valentine AKA Ms. Valentine. Alexes’ grandpa played on the Red Wings when he was younger, so she has had that connection since she was born. Joe Peck just loves that team and how they play.

“They are the best team ever, but too bad they aren’t in the playoffs anymore,” said senior Joe Peck.

Ms. Valentine was born in Detroit and that is how she is connected to the Red Wings. Ms. Valentine said, “Being an avid Detroit Red Wings fan, I was extremely disappointed that they folded in the first round of the playoffs, especially since all of the playoffs games are televised here in Arizona and there would’ve been Red Wings games to watch on TV for a change. However, now I feel free to root for the Phoenix Coyotes! It would be so fun for the people in Arizona to show off the Stanley Cup. Go Coyotes!”

On the other hand, Klara Kottke a Sophomore, likes the Phoenix Coyotes.

“The Phoenix Coyotes will win, because they have good-looking players on their team. I really like to watch them in person too,” said Klara Kottke.

“I like them because they are Arizona’s team. No I don’t think that they will win, but we can always hope,” Said sophomore Dallas Meade.

“I like the Phoenix Coyotes because I remember all the years before and how bad of a team they were. It is nice to see them have a come-back,” said Tori O’Leary(Freshman).

“The Phoenix Coyotes is my favorite team in the playoffs, because no one expects them to win, but they always pull through. Plus you have to support the home team,” said Sydney Keller a Sophomore.

Since the Detroit Red Wings are out, we have many new interests in our very own Phoenix Coyotes. Our Phoenix Coyotes fans have outnumbered our Detroit Redwings fans! Let’s support our home team and win this Coyotes! Good Luck!

TCP Softball Goes Head-to-Head With Camp Verde

Catie Hoekstra catches an infield fly and stops Camp Verde's play.

By Sabrina FlickThe Tri City Prep Lady Panthers softball team played against Camp Verde High School on Monday, April

16th and again on Wednesday April 18th. Monday’s game was very well played, but unfortunately the Panthers were not able to win the game. Wednesday’s game was a different story. It was a great game and probably the best of the season with a final score of 16 to 0 in the Panthers favor.

“The team was in the zone! We made one good play after another and it showed how all of our hard work and practice paid off,” said Blair Willette, a team captain.

The Lady Panthers stepped out on the Camp Verde field with a great mind set and they were ready to show Camp Verde that it wasn’t going to be an easy game. Some of the highlights of the game included double plays by both Catie Hoekstra and Sabrina Flick. Everyone played really well, and Blair Willette and Emily Beaman had several great plays.

Overall the game was a team effort. The infield was where they needed to be at all times, and outfield never let any balls get past them and quickly stopped the opposing team’s plays. Paige Skousen and

Karen Ann Mancha did a fantastic jobbing catching and pitching respectively.

“Everyone did amazing! It was the best game we played all season and we really came together and played as a team. Everyone was on their game and it really showed in the score,” said Beaman, another team captain.

“It was a well executed game. They did an excellent job and played hard during the entire game,” said

Cody Tegman, team manager.

They were both great games

and hopefully not the last win for the Lady Panthers.

Spring Fling for the Young and Old

By: Kelly Stoddard
On Thursday, March 22, Student Council took a trip to Granite Gates Retirement Home.  A Spring Fling was held at the retirement home, and fun, dancing, beverages, and food were present.  Old time dance music was played, and both young and old were able to enjoy each other’s company.  The Spring Fling was a great opportunity to make the elderly people smile and to lift their spirits.
“It’s always fun to talk to elderly people.  They always have interesting stories to tell.  A few of the community members really got into the dancing and just didn’t want to stop.  There were a couple of them that just didn’t want to do anything but we were able to engage them in some nice conversations with beverages and cookies.  I really love visiting people living in retirement homes; it makes me happy to see their excitement for visitors.   I look forward to visiting them again soon and maybe getting everybody to dance with us,” said junior, Ashley Nache.
The people at Granite Gates were overwhelmed with joy to see young faces and to be able to dance again.  One of the ladies living at Granite Gates said that she never thought she would dance again.

“Oh my goodness,” Emily Bowen said, “it was so much fun!  The old people were all so cute and most of them were really nice.  I think that they really liked talking to us and telling us about when they were young.  I really liked watching the old people dance! It was a blast and I’m excited to go back.”

Student Council was very privileged to have the opportunity to share time with the elderly people.  Cody Tegtman “thought it was a great way to show people what a great school TCP is and it was really fun to see the face of the elders when we were there.”  The faces of the old folks lit up when the music was playing, and some of them couldn’t sit still.  TCP high school made a big impact on their community that day.

The Spring Fling allowed the elders to experience a bit of youth.   The event impacted both young and old positively.  TCP Student Council and Granite Gates Retirement members danced the afternoon away and had a special time together. Everybody seemed to have an outstanding time, and Granite Gates also invited TCP to come back again to liven up the members.