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Massive Forest Appears in Nightvale Wastes

By Alexandre DuBroy

NIGHTVALE, NV-The peaceful burgh of Nightvale was once again thrown into chaos after a giant forest materialized near town. Residents are puzzled, as no forest has existed in these desolate wastes for thousands of years. The forest is said to be a dark, and menacing place, full of creepers and brambles.

The City Council has issued a statement regarding the forest.

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Life in a File: Chapter Six

By Natalie Krafft

As I drive out of the parking garage, I catch a glimpse of Audrey and Juliette arguing. For a moment, I contemplate seeing if I could help but decide to drive on instead. Besides, I have to get to my music theory class.

I enjoy living here. I enjoy the college, even though it is a community one. I enjoy my friends, the classes, and just life in general. Well, almost. My phone vibrates in my pocket as I scramble to get it out of my pocket in time. Glancing at the screen, I see its Clinton.


“Hey, where are you?” he asks. He can be like a copter parent sometimes, which is a bit strange for a little brother, in my opinion. Continue reading

Life in a File: Chapter Five

By Kelcie Kruse

Moping on the hard pavement in the cool air, waiting for some response from Kimmy, I stare at my phone. The message from Fran darkens my screen. “. . . There’s much I need to explain to you about her” races through my addled brain, when Juliette comes into the parking garage. Little Jewel is bent over and panting, a few meters from my spot, a reminiscent look shared between us, of that day three years ago. Continue reading

Life in a File: Chapter Four

By Amy Norton

We had nothing to say to each other. We were both lying on our stacked dorm beds, silently hoping for a break in the silence. Tugging at my heavy, sweaty bangs, I roll over, attempting to make eye contact with Kim. Groaning, I slide over, wrapping my arms around the purple pillow.  I agitatedly ram my knee into the wall. Cursing loudly, I roll out of bed. Kim glares at me, her eyes transforming from glassy to irate in seconds.

“Do you have a problem? Some of us are trying to sleep,” Kim’s eyes narrow as she loudly indicates her annoyance. Continue reading

Life in a File: Chapter Three

By Phoebe Payne

Audrey’s Point of View

“Calder’s awake!”

My mind and body are numb for the moments it takes to process Kari’s words, split seconds before adrenaline lances through my body. I spring to my feet, almost taking my bedside table with me in my crazed rush to the door. I lurch through the dorm hallways like a racing greyhound, albeit one with very clumsy legs, since my shoes are half-on and untied. The corridors of the college are a blur: a rose-tinted, sunny, gorgeous blur. Calder is awake. Calder is awake and I can finally see him again. Continue reading