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Life in a File: Chapter Two

By Emily Moore

I groan as I hear loud stumbling from the room beside mine. “Oh my god, does she not know how to be quiet!” I huff, beating my fist against the wall repeatedly before dropping my head back onto my pillow.

“Instead of punching the wall, Kim, I’ve got a better idea,” my roommate, Audrey snaps, glaring at me across the room through thick, black bangs, “Why don’t you go over there, and the two of you can be loud together so that the rest of us can sleep?”

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Life in a File: Chapter One

By Taylor Whittemore

Photo Credit: Taylor Whittemore

The rest of the world is still asleep and yet there is a bright beacon in the darkness. This light is called Starbuck’s Coffee, and, let me tell you, there is no better way to start your day than one of their lattes at 5:30am. Continue reading

Creative Writing Shares Their Works

At Tri-City Prep, there is a group of students who make up the Creative Writing club. These students meet on Wednesday every week to discuss their writing and criticize the writing of their peers.

A couple weeks ago they decided to undergo a project where they would post a chapter of an ongoing story every couple of weeks. Each student would write a chapter and introduce new characters, and then the person with the next chapter would pick one of those characters and write from their perspective.

The first chapter is up. It is under the Extras tab on the menu. From there, you should get a drop down menu with Creative Writing. There you can find their collective story and a couple of nature writings done by individuals in the club.


By Natalie Krafft

Sh…Sh… be quiet. If you listen closely at night and ignore the city, the people, the technology and focus on what was here first, nature, you can hear it.

It can be anything to anybody. It can be a calming sensation after a chaotic day and sleepless night. Or, it can be an exciting firework show from a day filled with mindless robots telling you how to be part of society. Or it can just be it. That’s it. Nature is it. Whether it’s the most mesmerizing song or the most intriguing flower of a sweet reminisce filled with the aroma of home. Nature is everything we ever created. Once you can hear it then, and only then, are you really part of nature.

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