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Senior Send-Off: The Year in Review

This year, many articles were published that pertained to the seniors. In chronological order, here are the top 10:


Senior Send-Off: Advice from an Alum

For today’s senior send-off, alum Natalie Krafft takes a look at her freshman year in college as a music education major. Below, she lists 100 things she learned in her freshman year, from practice strategies to life advice.

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Senior Send-off: Looking Back

Denobis will be posting an article about the senior class every school day until graduation. For the first article, Kaleb Lyonnais takes a look at the news events that happened when the seniors were in high school.

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How to End Poverty

By Saiarchana Darira

This research paper was originally written for Ms. Mezeske’s Math Honors Class.

My eyes open, and it’s another day. Suddenly problems overwhelm me, and I start worrying – worrying about college, the ACTs, the SATs, and writing this paper in time. Thousands of mile away, a child in poverty opens his or her eyes. Worries plague their minds too – but these are different ones – about having enough to simply stay alive. The problems in a first world country seem like nothing in a third world country living in poverty. Poverty is one of this world’s greatest problems, and it affects millions of human beings on a daily basis. To an average human being, problems like poverty seem impossible to solve. But, can the solution to poverty actually be simpler than one thinks? Poverty is something that is solvable. Here is how to end poverty.

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The Freshman Experience

By Michael Staudt

Freshman year in high school can be very intimidating or amazing. In movies, freshman in high school usually are not treated well, or are simply bullied to extreme levels. However, I am going to test these theories of freshman year experiences, here at TCP.

Throughout interviews I conducted with several freshman, I got one result. Most of them enjoyed the school and would never want to go back to their previous school. Most of the freshman I interviewed were nervous about the homework they had heard about at the open house. However, once they started to work out the homework throughout the school year, most of them agreed that it was a decent amount.

“I love TCP! I feel like I fit in more here then at my old school,” said Isabel Garcia.

“I love the teachers and the people at TCP,” stated Arath Aguayo.

Many of the freshman interviewed also expressed a feeling of fascination with the experiences they had had this year. Many of them had gained more friends then they had at their old school and liked the teachers more here.

To conclude, many of the freshmen attending TCP have expressed fascination and happiness during their freshman year. Some of them are a bit anxious about the sophomore semester, but are excited about the new classes that are available. Personally being a freshman, I believe that my freshman year has been enthralling, electrifying, and joyful. I am glad that I am attending TCP and along with other freshman, will remember this year for decades to come.