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Red Dawn Movie Review (1984)

by Michael Staudt

In the past, many war films have been made about the United States being conquered by armies of mass destruction. Some war films are based on infamous battles taking place in the past, while others offer alternative storylines and occurrences in previous wars. Red Dawn is one of these jaw-dropping, incredible, films. In this review, I will state why Red Dawn is a good film, the themes of the film, and why the movie was so groundbreaking at the time.

Red Dawn is a post-apocalyptic film made in 1984, about Soviet and Cuban armies invading the United States. The movie focuses on a band of rogue teenagers who fight back against the calamitous armies bestowed upon them.  This group of high-school students is known as the Wolverines, and wreak havoc upon the vile and callous Cuban Soviets. In the end, the Wolverines are pulverized and only two rogues travel on foot to the safe home front of the United States.

Grossing in an income of 38,376,497 dollars, Red Dawn was an acclaimed masterpiece for its time. The United States constantly praised the movie for its plot, realistic situations, the procession of events, and impeccable acting portrayed on screen. Once Red Dawn hit the international screen, other countries disliked the film and thought that the movie was erratic, unthoughtful, and quite barbaric. However, the United States still claimed to have a wartime masterpiece.

The film displayed groundbreaking cinematography in its portrayal of combat. Along with this, the special effects utilized in the film is incredible. In one combat scene, it portrays two Soviet tanks combating against American F-15 jets in a desolate desert. The scene displays superior props, replicas of vehicles, and heart wrenching sounds of firing ammunition. Mostly being filmed in the Sonora desert and the Redwoods, the movie offers incredible settings of adrenaline invoking locations.

The themes of the film are very blunt and frank. When the film was released, the Cold War was in full swing dramatically affecting the lives of millions of Americans. The film displayed many fears and calamitous thoughts of the Soviet and Cuban invasion upon the United States home front. In the film, the teenage rebels, also known as the Wolverines, displayed militaristic characteristics as the plot progresses. Eventually, one of the Wolverines become so callous, that the teenager kills one of the companions for betraying the alliance. Along with this, the directing of the film made the Soviets and Cubans seem like they were petty and imbecilic. Propaganda of the film was constantly added throughout the dialogue and imageries of the movie. After the movie was released into the commercial world, an uprising of hate directed against the Soviet Union took place in the United States.

The plot is concise and is straight to the point. As the film progresses, the viewer gains more information about how the war began and why it potentially started. Along with this; the viewer learns that the battles fought by the group of teenagers are a starting point to World War 3. The movie is very fast pace and contains approximately sixteen combat scenes and action. In one of these scenes, it shows a bumper sticker stating “they can take my gun away from me when they pry it from my cold, dead, fingers.” After panning down from the bumper sticker, it shows a Cuban taking a pistol from a casualty’s hand. This was an example of the culture the viewer learns as the film progresses.

Red Dawn is an infamous, groundbreaking, film made in the 1980’s. Displaying awe inspiring special effects and cinematography, the movie is well-played. Through the propaganda and themes of the film, the movie boosted hate against the Soviet Union in the United States. The plot is fast paced and is ridden with constant action. Although the storyline is concise, Red Dawn will appeal to those who enjoy war movies and alternative history.


How to Manage Your Christmas Gifts

by Molly West
The cold nips at your nose in the morning. Lights outline downtown. There is an evergreen tree in your living room, decorated with shining ornaments. Cheesy movies play on the television. That’s right, December is upon us—which means Christmas is only a few weeks away.
Of course, there are other holidays celebrated during this time, such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. If those are what you celebrate, then that’s valid. However the many people who celebrate Christmas find this time to be both joyful and rather stressful. Joyful because of the bright lights and cheerful music; stressful because of your long list of friends and family to get gifts for, as well as finals. I can’t help you with your finals, I’m afraid, but I can help you pick the perfect Christmas present. If you follow these simple tips, you can lift some of the stress of the holidays and loosen up a bit.
  1. Do your preparations ahead of time
Do not wait until three days before Christmas to start doing your shopping. If you do that, you will be insanely stressed, and your gifts will suffer. It doesn’t all have to get done right away, but you at least need a game plan. The best time to start is on Black Friday, or during the beginning of December.
  1. Know your budget
Chances are, you have a long list of people you need to get gifts for—friends, relatives, and your teachers if you’re nice. If you spend all your money on one person, what are you going to do about the other ten people on your list? Make sure you know how much you have and how much you can spend. If you have some leftover, you can even get a gift for yourself!
  1. Get to know what they like
This one should be obvious. However, as somebody who has received things like towels for Christmas, it is apparent that some people forget this step. If you talk to your loved ones at all, you should at least know something about them. You know they like purple? Get them a purple mug or shirt. They’re a really big fan of a TV show? Get them something from that show. It also doesn’t hurt to ask, “Hey, what would you like for Christmas?” They won’t mind, and it’s better than if you get them something they hate.
  1. Look online
The internet has everything these days. If nothing at the store fits your fancy, they will most likely have something on a site like Amazon or eBay. Make sure you order ahead of time, though, so it arrives before Christmas.
  1. Make something
Why spend all that money on a gift when you can make something one-of-a-kind? Get out some materials and let your creativity flow. You can write, draw, or maybe even play them a song on Christmas day. A gift made especially for the person has more sentimental value and is more meaningful than something that cost a few bucks at Walmart.
  1. Money
If you can’t think of anything, just give them money or a gift card. You can’t go wrong there. Then they can choose what to buy, which will guarantee it’s something they like.
  1. Remember: It’s the thought that counts
Let’s say you don’t follow the tips above and all you can manage is a flimsy card. It’s not something to beat yourself up over. Getting somebody a present is not a life or death situation. Even if the person hates their gift, they will still appreciate that you tried your best to get them something and that you care about them. If they really love you, they should forgive you.
Hopefully, this article has helped to ease your Christmas shopping stress. Happy holidays!

Space X

By Kyler Litchfield

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, also known as SpaceX, is a company in Hawthorne California that has being doing business since 2002. With the century old idea of colonizing Mars, SpaceX has forever changed space travel. This company is showing more promise than government agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Due to the private funding of SpaceX, there is no likelihood of budget cuts, like there is in government space programs.

Among the many achievements at SpaceX, their most recognized is their title as the first private space agency to launch, orbit and retrieve a space craft. In addition, they were the first to reuse a rocket that had previously been launched. NASA and SpaceX are working hand in hand to develop a better way to transport astronauts to and from the space station. SpaceX, however isn’t just focused on the development, they hope to create a demand for interplanetary travel.

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, doesn’t just want to see rockets used in space, but also here on Earth. He said that, using the interplanetary rocket system developed by SpaceX, passengers would be able to take most “long-distance trips” in just 30 minutes and travel “anywhere on Earth in under an hour” for about the same price as an economy airline ticket.

With abilities like these, the world would be a lot more interconnected and economies would boom. Hopefully SpaceX will continue to research and pioneer this new technology. Imagine a way that you could go from London to New York in just a half an hour and all for couple hundred dollars. Impressive right? Well, imagine a world where you can commercially travel to mars. Would you go? Is it possible?

Elon Musk has aspirations for a BFR or “Big Falcon Rocket”, a nearly 400 foot, 42 engine rocket that could take passengers and supplies to the moon and Mars. He intendeds to start construction of this rocket by the end of 2018. He says that it’s not impossible for two such rockets to be launched in 2022 carrying just cargo. However, he hasn’t yet specified or clarified his plan for the colonization of Mars. Getting there is hard enough, but surviving there is going to be even more difficult.

He says that he wants to begin colonizing Mars by 2024 and have upwards of a million people on Mars by the 2060’s. He says that the technology that SpaceX and NASA have developed “will enable the creation of a lunar base. It’s 2017. We should have a lunar base by now. What the hell’s going on?” He has shown some amazing possibilities already, with his joint ownership and foundership of Tesla Motors Company.

Elon Musk has a long road ahead of him, and this poses the question if all of this can be accomplished in his lifetime. However, he’s shown a lot of promise, and even if this isn’t all accomplished by him, his colleagues, and his companies, he has paved a path for the future to follow. You may know some of his businesses, SpaceX, SolarCity, Tesla and Neuralink. He has a net worth of around $20.8 billion. He is also a nature activist, with goals of reducing global warming, creating clean sustainable energy and reducing the “risk of human extinction”. It doesn’t stop there, he was awarded the most outstanding contribution to the field of space transportation for 2007 and a National Conservation achievement award in 2008.

If there is someone to look up to, its Elon Musk, not only because of his business life, but his hope for a better future and his creativity in inventing. With Tesla Motors alone, he and his joint venture colleagues, have accomplished the fastest production car ever reaching speeds of over 250 miles per hour and it’s all electric.

With all of this in mind, it’s still going to be at least another 5 years before any of this space technology begins to reach us, but the future is bright, fast and more efficient, thanks to the work of Elon Musk and his hard working engineers. Would you go to Mars? Well, you have some time to think about it.

September 28th soccer game

By Ellie Cartier

It’s September 28th and the Tricity soccer players are going head to head with the team from Our Lady of Sorrows in Phoenix. Coach Mark Yadron is ready to work his boys hard and so far, it has paid off. Out of the six games they’ve played so far, only two have been lost. The last one against the Phoenix Academy School of Excellence was won by us with a score of 4-1.

Now they’re ready to fight for another win to add to their list. After a thirty-minute series of drills and warm-ups, the game was ready to start. The first quarter was owned by our guests and they scored three goals within the first period. But we were ready to return the favor. Jaden Kuhn (number twelve) and Weston Yadron (number seventeen) scored our first goal that was returned by loud cheers from the crowd. Our Lady of Sorrows was not happy about that and attacked full throttle but to no avail as our goalie, Sam Winters wasn’t ready to let anything by him.

Ten minutes left in the period and the score was still 3-1 to them. Our Panthers were fighting against them with everything they had. Our Lady of Sorrows did the same thing and at five minutes till, no goal had been scored for either school team.  Not until there were three minutes left did our guest team pull out another goal. Two minutes left and our coaches were gnawing on their nails. Our Lady of Sorrows took once last shot and was deflected by Winters once again, leaving the score to be 4-1 by the end of the first period.

When asked about how they felt about the first round, Mrs. Muchna and Mrs. Winters had some good answers for me.

“Both teams are playing really hard.” Mrs. Muchna said with a laugh. “Neither goalie wants to give anything up and both teams are ready to put up a strong fight against one another.”

“Our Lady of Sorrows has been playing us for years,” Mrs. Winters told me. The Phoenix school has a few religious rules against boys playing against girls in physical contact filled games, leaving the girls to sit and cheer on the sidelines. “With our female players gone, it is a bit of a shock to the boys. But I have faith that they’ll pull through. Some games start really fast, this one is in spurts right now.”

The second period started and it was back and forth between the schools until finally Jaden Kuhn and Jacob Kobold (number seven) worked together to rush in and score another goal. Spurred by the adrenaline from their victory, the boys were refreshed and ready to play harder.

Our team got a few free kicks and Griffin Underwood (number eleven) stepped up and was able to kick the ball over their heads and into the goal. We could all tell he was very excited to have turned the score to 4-3. It seemed the rest of his team felt his joyous vibe as well because even at fifteen minutes left, Our Lady of Sorrows hadn’t been able to score on them again. Everyone in the stands was holding their breath, praying to at least tie with the other school.

Ten minutes. The pressure was on for both teams. Our Lady of Sorrows had to maintain their lead and Tricity had to score at least one more goal.

Three minutes and everyone was praying like there was no tomorrow. In the last five seconds, our team gave one last shot at the goal and missed by a few inches. Unfortunately, it was a close game and Our Lady of Sorrows won with a score of 4-3. I talked to Mr. Bronson about the end result.

“It was a rough game, we lost by one. But they are a good team.” He told me. Our Lady of Sorrows is currently in fifth place while we are in ninth for the playoffs. “We forgot the little things; the three bad throws we had, even though we haven’t had a bad throw in all year so far. I believe if we had played as intensely in the first period as we did in the second, we would have won.”

To summarize this game, the panther played their hearts out and it was an exceptionally close fight and we wish our Panthers luck on their next game!


Freshman or FreshMeat?

By Ellie Cartier
High school, the place where young love blooms and you are up until four in the morning finishing that essay you forgot about. As a middle school student, I thought about what my life in high school would be like often. To me, it wasn’t gonna be the ‘high school musical everyone loves everyone’ kind of place my friends had envisioned. To be quite honest, I was dreading my four years here. My older cousins had more stories to count about the bad times they have had so far, and my mom told me all about the daily drama that took place. So, my expectations were not high.
First off, there was the matter of friends. I had a group of close friends come with me from BASIS, so I knew I wasn’t gonna be alone, but I didn’t want to only have those few people for the rest of my life. I was hoping to even talk to at least one new person within the first month. Much to my surprise, I had a whole new ‘squad’ before the three week period ended. I was so happy that other people liked me, and to make it better I was greatly encouraged by them to run for Student Council. I had no hope of even becoming an associate for the Council. Once again, I was thoroughly pleased to be an official member. Now, I could plan dances, do fundraisers, all this stuff that I love doing. It gives me something to look forward to when I wake up every morning.
But high school isn’t just about the clubs and fun. To be completely honest, I was on the verge of tears when I thought of the classes. Being the overachiever I strive to be, I didn’t settle for French 1, I decided to take on French 2. If I didn’t have my best friend in that class, dear Lord I don’t know what I would do.  I had already taken history last year, so I thought it was gonna be the one easy class. Turns out, one can forget a lot during summer. English is where I struggled last year and excel at this year. It seems everything is being a bit switched. Like Biology was tough and I had to work for my A, but this year I could wing every quiz and test and do fine. It’s nice to have a few classes I’m good at, or else, with all my clubs, it would be a nightmare.
Speaking of clubs, that brings me to my next point. My old schools had never had many options for any of the students. So, when I saw this great big world of different clubs and sports, I wanted to get in on everything. So, I joined four clubs in the first week of my real freshman year. This wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t pick three very time-consuming clubs. Mock Trial is a lot of reading over the case and writing directs (when in a case, a lawyer asks their client questions about the charges), making sure you know all the facts and every objection in the book. Student Council is pretty self-explanatory. You help run a school. Now for Denobis, writing articles and short stories takes time when you want to put in the effort. It’s not something you can just do last minute, unless you want to look like an idiot in your writings. So, I question myself when I’m still doing homework late into the night because I procrastinated so much during the day. Especially since I’m the one who’s always reminding my friends to make sure they go to bed on time and get their homework done on time.
So, my vision of high school was full of me getting thrown into trash cans and bullied every other period. I’m ecstatic to say that all my fears have either disappeared or dimmed since I first came here. I’ve been able to understand myself more and have a high respect for who I am. I feel happier with being me. Waking up in the mornings is not a chore but like the beginning of a new story. And I cannot wait to continue turning the pages.