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How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

by Molly West

It’s that time of the year again! Valentine’s Day is widely known as the most romantic time of the year. You can feel it in the air. Stores are packed with red and pink gifts and candies. Heart decorations are plastered everywhere you look. There are couples everywhere you go, showering each other with affection. It seems like the entire world is caught up in a whiff of infatuation and magic.

For any single person, however, this could be the saddest time of the year. Seeing all the happy couples reminds one of their crippling loneliness and everything about them that makes them unlovable. How do you cope with this inner turmoil? Here are some things you can do if you don’t have a special someone this year.

  1. Harness the power of friendship.
    Who said Valentine’s Day was only about romantic love? Even if you don’t have a significant other, chances are you still have close friends who love you. While most of them probably have a special someone, there is bound to be at least one friend who can relate to your pain. You could just hang out with them, or you could also pretend to be a couple to wrack up as many discounts as possible. There’s plenty of fun things you can do with a friend and places you can go. Don’t have a close friend to spend the day yet? No worries.
  2. Watch a romantic movie.
    This one is a double-edged sword. Sitting down with a good rom-com can lighten your spirits and give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. It can also make you yearn for a relationship, though, thus plunging you deeper into the depths of loneliness. Luckily, if you’re not much a romance person, there are other things you can do.
  1. Eat.
    Restaurant discounts. Candy on sale. At the very least, you can eat away your pain. You’ll get back to eating healthy tomorrow, right? Besides, if you eat enough chocolate, it will simulate the feeling of being in love. Food will never betray you. Look at this example:
    Chocolate never ends. There are other things you can do, though.
  1. Fantasize.
    Because the dream person in your head is probably better than any real people, anyway. (Just don’t develop an unhealthy obsession and begin to believe they’re real)
  1. Treat yourself.
    If you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else? Take a nice bath with bubbles. Prepare a candlelit dinner. Play some smooth jazz. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. You have earned the right to treat yourself. While all these couples are out there pouring themselves into someone else, you have taken the bold choice to focus on the most important person in your life: you. Self-love is just as important as any other kind of love! Don’t get too narcissistic about it, though.
  1. Cry.
    Sometimes, you just need to drown in your own sorrow for a bit, and that’s okay. Let it all out. Yes, you’re lonely, and nobody has a crush on you, but the world is still spinning. You’re going to wake up the morning after Valentine’s and love will be far less in-your-face. Besides, a lot of the couple you see will probably break up a week later.

At the end of the day, remember that you’re still in high school. There is no rush when it comes to getting into a relationship and finding your soulmate. Our emotions (?) are running wild, and love is still a foreign concept. If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, it’s not the end of the world. There is more to life than romance.




When is Darkiplier’s Birthday?

By Molly West

The fandom life has consumed our youth, as I am sure many of you know. People fall in love with fictional characters from whatever it is that they like. One thing that has become a tradition of fandoms is to celebrate the birthday of a character. People make art of the character, and some people even make the character something like a cake. Obviously, the character cannot eat the cake, but there is emotional symbolism behind it. A character’s birthday is treated like a friend or family member’s birthday. It’s marked on the calendar, celebrated with festivities.
A lot of characters are given an official birthday as they are developed. It is often a randomly picked date that has little significance. However, it is an issue when you cannot establish the character’s birthday to begin with.
For fans of Youtubers Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, the game is different. The characters do not have a randomly chosen birthday, rather their birthday is decided based off of the date the character was first in a video. For example, Jacksepticeye’s character, Chase Brody, was first in a video on April 11th, 2017. Therefore, that is his birthday. Typically, all you have to do is trace back to the first video, and then find the date it was uploaded. That is what tends to be the birthday that the fandom agrees on.
With one of Markiplier’s characters, though, it isn’t that simple. Darkiplier, as you can guess by his name, is meant to be the polar opposite of Markiplier. The first time we ever got a glimpse of Darkiplier in a video was June 19th, 2012, in a video titled “Don’t blink.” It is a 17-second video that is meant to be ominous and eerie. Some people considered this to be Dark’s birthday.
However, the Dark showed in “Don’t blink” is not considered by all to be the “canon Darkiplier.” The first time we got a glimpse at the canon character was February 14th, 2017, in “A Date With Markiplier.” In this interactive adventure, there is a route you can go down where you meet Dark. This is considered to be the canon character. Since ADWM was the first time we saw him, some people say this is his birthday.
There is one more option, however. If you frequent Denobis, you will remember a review I wrote for a video series known as “Who Killed Markiplier?” At the end of this series, we watched the creation of Darkiplier, as in how he was made. To summarize, he is a fusion of two individuals known as Damien and Celine and uses Mark’s body to get revenge on Mark for hurting the two. The video in which this happened was uploaded on October 13th, 2017. This is another date that people debate is Darkiplier’s birthday.
What is his real birthday, though? June 19th, February 14th, or October 13th? The most popular argument is that it is October 13th. This is the date that he was created, thus it is the most plausible for a birthdate. The problem with February 14th is that while that was the first day we met him, he existed in the timeline before then. However, some people still believe it is this day, based off the logic explained earlier where the first video uploaded equals the birthday. This means that you could also use the same logic for June 19th, however.
If all of this is too confusing for you, that’s okay. You can simply consider all of these dates to be his birthday, which would mean he has three birthdays. Is it plausible? No, it’s not really. Is it lucky for him? You bet.

Pros and Cons of Joining Student Council

By Ellie Cartier

The student council truly runs the school. They plan dances, raise money, and set fun activities up for the students. They do a lot of good around the whole community.

Few people see what goes on behind the scenes in that group. When I first arrived at Tri-City, I was dead-set on being voted into Student Council. I wasn’t really sure what they did besides planning parties and such. Now that I have been a part of the group, I have gotten a good look at everything they run.

If anyone is looking to join, here are some pros and cons to joining student council.


1. The biggest is that it looks great on your college resume. While this shouldn’t be the only reason you join, it’s a valid one. College’s will look for leaders, not followers, so being anything in student council really boosts your chances.

2. You get to make great friends and learn the values of teamwork. There are four members and two associates in every level. With six people, you have to make sure you are including everyone and that everything works out for every member.

3. Getting involved in the community. You get to help the people around you and see projects get finished thanks to you. I’ve been able to help Big Brothers Big Sisters with their auction, help at soup kitchens, and take part in the parade here in Prescott. It’s a ton of fun, and it makes you feel good about yourself.

4. You meet some cool people. I’ve met more people in the past few months than I have in the past year or so. From other kids helping out, to the workers at various events, I’ve been able to get to know the people who help keep Prescott running.



1. The sixty hours you have to get. You get twenty from showing up at meetings, but you still need eighty in total. It’s certainly not impossible, but people like me want to do things outside of school, meaning we have to find a balance between school and student council, and the stuff you want to do for fun. This isn’t a totally bad thing, as it teaches you time management.

2. Working the store. It’s not all bad, but sometimes the hassle and twenties you have to break can get crazy. It’s not something you want to do every week for sure. It takes time away from your friends, who you might have wanted to talk to during your free period, and all the work you have to do can’t be left to do at that time.

3. Raising money. Okay, in the freshmen class, it’s difficult for us to get it through our fellow freshmen’s heads that we need to raise money. A lot of them feel that since they still have three years, it doesn’t matter right now, which is hard for us because we try and put everything we can into fundraisers.


Those were just a few brief points that I thought were the major ones. Don’t even get me started on the microwave cleaning. That will fill up another four hundred words. Anyways, please, anyone on student council, don’t sue me or anything. Thank you for reading.


What Does It Mean To Be “Grown-up?”

By Allison Miller

One of the toughest questions a young person can ever be asked is the ever-present: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Kids of every age are being asked this question constantly, and the person asking them generally won’t be satisfied with the answer of: “I don’t know yet.” However, even if children answer this question with conviction, chances are that they will change their minds a dozen more times before settling on an actual job. According to Major Exploration- Career Services, most students that even end up going to college will change majors at least once before graduating, and the average student actually changes majors three times!

What’s more, it isn’t just kids that are struggling with this question. Throughout their whole lives, people are always searching for that perfect job that they would be happy doing. Likely, kids of every age have heard their parents say “When I grow up.” Now while most of these kids think that their parents are already grown up, and, therefore, shouldn’t still be considering that question. What most people don’t understand is that the term ‘grown-up’ isn’t an implication of a person’s age. It’s rather a state of being that most people will never achieve.

Why is this? Why, if so many people strive for this thing, is it so impossible to be? The reason could be any number of things – lack of motivation, interest in other things, etcetera- but one of the most logical things is that no one actually knows what it means to grow up.

So what do those words mean? Who gets to define what a grown-up is? One of the ways to see it is finally being happy and satisfied with one’s life, or otherwise as finally realizing all of the deep and meaningful secrets that life seems to hold back for a person’s whole life. To kids, it likely means their parents or the older people who seem to have everything figured out: the people who can answer any question or come up with a solution to any problem they might have. Grown-ups are the people in society who have lived their lives to the fullest and have nothing left to learn or absorb from experiences, so they can live peacefully in bliss without any qualms about the world.

And yet, are any of these things actually achievable? The logical answer is no. No one actually has everything figured out. No one has all the answers, no matter how hard they try. No one will ever completely be happy, so long as everyone around them retains the same in human nature.

So, how could anyone ever become a grown-up? The simple conclusion is that no one can be, unless they manage to experience a million years’ events over only half of their life: the age society usually associates with maturity and being completely grown-up. Even then, if one could manage to do that, there is still the issue of being completely satisfied with one’s life. Generally, the phrase ‘all grown up’ comes associated with one being completely comfortable in their place in the world: their job, family, and friends. The simple truth is that humans are never satisfied. We have never been, and we never will be. If we ever settled down into comfort after doing only one important thing in our lives, society would never have advanced to the point it is now, nor would it grow past this point.

Adults and the elderly seem to be grown-up to the younger crowd, but the reality is that they aren’t. No matter who they are -parents, grandparents, single with no children, or married into their late eighties- people will always strive for something new. Without something to strive for, they would just become vegetables, which generally isn’t the vision society has of finally growing-up. People will almost always either be trying to reach a new goal or wistfully look back on their past and wish they had taken different paths. The few that are satisfied with their experiences and have no desire to do anything of merit until the day they die are just that – the few.

So, what’s the point to all of this? In the end, it all boils down to one thing: no one really needs to grow up. There’s a reason kids want to stay young and adults long for their pasts where they were too. Everyone is either currently living through or missing the freedom that youth contains, and for good reason. Why would anyone want to be forced into the routine work, sleep, eat life that being a mature grown-up entails? The fact is that we all wish for freedom. So, we need not be anxious to grow up. Rather, we should all strive to remember how to live like we don’t need to grow up. No one needs an answer to the dreaded “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question. It isn’t a requirement of happiness. When all is said and done, if we spend all our time worrying about growing up, we will never learn how to be young, and that is the most important thing to learn in life: how to live a little without worries.


How to Write an Article When You Have No Ideas For an Article

by Molly West

Who doesn’t love a good article? To write an article is to illustrate a beautiful work of art with words. It is an intimate experience, similar to performing a pas de deux. Here at Denobis, we not only write articles, but we breathe them. Articles run through our veins. If you were to pierce our skin, words would come out instead of blood.

However, what if you don’t have an idea for an article? Your whole world will stop turning. Darkness will seep into the corners of your mind. The high expectations riding on your shoulders will begin to crush you. Fear not, my fellow writer! There is a light in the abyss. By the end of this how-to, you will know how to come up with the perfect article idea in the nick of time.

Step 1: Make a list of what interests you

This could be a wide variety of things. Maybe you thoroughly enjoy music or painting. Maybe you have a passion for gender equality. Maybe you spend your free time sobbing aggressively over fictional characters who live in fictional worlds. Take all of these things you care about and take a good look at them. Look deeper than the surface.

Some people may be able to stop there. You can make a review of a show you like or a how-to of how to be good at your favorite activity. If you get an idea, that’s great! If not, then read on.

Step 2: Look at recent news for That Thing You Like

In the real world, people tend to read articles to be educated. They want to be informed on the recent happenings of our planet. Look up whatever it is you like, and see if anything interesting has happened within that world recently. For example, if you like music, you can talk about new hit songs.

Don’t have an idea yet? Now is not the time to panic. There is still hope for you.

Step 3: Step back and look at your own school

Maybe there was a great basketball game you saw on Tuesday. Some people may not have been able to attend, but want to know what happened. If you don’t have an idea for something you are actually passionate about, you can at least scrap the bottom of the barrel and do the bare minimum.

Step 4: Reconsider

Lie on the floor. Stare up at the ceiling. Watch as the entirety of vast space fills your mind. You will begin to sink into the floor as you fall deep into an existential crisis. Are articles even real? What’s the point of writing an article if we’re all going to die someday?

Maybe, somewhere in your deep and worrying thoughts, you will get an idea. Maybe your therapist will give you an idea after she tells you for the fourth time to stop running away from your feelings. If not, then you still have an option.

Step 5: Ask Ms. Kauffman

Your last hope of salvation. Ask her for an article prompt, and she will give you something witty and fun. At that point, you will be so desperate and scared, you will take what you can get. Also, since she is a teacher, you will feel intimidated into writing her idea. Thus, you will, at last, be able to write an article.

I got this article idea from Kauffman.

That concludes this how-to. Hopefully, some writers out there found it useful. If you did not get an idea for this, then you are a hopeless cause; a skeleton left behind to disintegrate. I wish you luck with your article writing, you poor soul.