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Starting the Year in Style: The BBQ Dance

By Rebecca Sorce and Amanda Bertsch

On Thursday, August 25th, the annual Barbeque Dance took place from 6-9. About 140 people gathered to celebrate the end of the 3-week block and enjoy a delicious barbeque prepared, as always, by Mr. Wilson and Mr. Terauchi.

This year it was a luau themed dance. With this theme, teachers and students wore Hawaiian-themed clothes during the school day and received leis upon entering the dance.

The beginning of the year is always tough for many, as it brings the end of the summer and the start of a new year. The first few weeks of school are especially hard for freshmen; not only are they in a new environment, but quite a few of them must make new friends. It’s important for them to be involved in school activities. The sizeable amount of freshmen in attendance at this dance was, therefore, a good sign for the year ahead.

Although this particular dance is good for freshman, all grades enjoyed the dance. Sophomore Rani Thompson stated that she enjoyed the dance because of “how involved the teachers were.”

And involved they were. Mr. Bronson, the new US History and Psychology teacher, ended the night in style by rapping “Ice Ice Baby” to an appreciative crowd. He was also spotted dancing with a palm tree earlier in the dance.

The next TCP dance will be the Halloween Dance.


Wonderful Fun at the Wonderland Prom

By Natalie Krafft


As you can guess from the title, this prom had an Alice in Wonderland theme, focusing on the Queen of Hearts. As the evening began, excited Tri-City students shuffled in to see their prom. It’s safe to say that everyone was really impressed.

On April 22nd, the Prescott Lakes Country Club hosted the TCP juniors and seniors attending this year’s dance. Not only was the venue decorated wonderfully, but the outside offered an amazing fireplace for those who preferred chit-chat over dancing. As cozy as the venue was, the outside offered plenty of space to breathe without it being too cold.

Dinner was a buffet style which offered chicken marsala, vegetable ravioli, and salads, with light snacks before the meal was served. Cupcakes were also served after dinner, with a simple rose flower frosting that packed a lot of sweetness. Overall, the dinner and dessert was a hit.

Who were prom royalty, you ask?

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A Blue-Ribbon BBQ Dance

By Amanda Bertsch

The annual Barbeque Dance, a Tri-City tradition, took place on Thursday the 27th. Mr. Terauchi and Mr. Wilson cooked up a storm, and Student Council provided chips and drinks. The dance also featured a bonfire, which was a big hit.

This was the first Tri-City dance for this year’s freshmen class, and this was reflected in the large groups of freshmen that attended. One of the freshmen told Denobis that although many of the freshmen were nervous, it was a good experience and they enjoyed the bonfire.

“It was a great way for the freshmen to get to know some of the upperclassmen and for the upperclassmen to branch out!” noted Devon Bonelli, a senior.

“The BBQ dance is always enjoyable,” added fellow senior Alex DuBroy.

Although the freshmen were understandably anxious at the beginning of the dance, by the end of the night they mingled more easily with the upperclassmen. Several met new people in an impromptu chess tournament or out on the dance floor. The more relaxed nature of the dance allowed many more opportunities for the freshmen to meet the rest of the school and get to know them.

Sophomore Patricia Azevedo cited the accepting atmosphere of the dances as a major part of the fun. “Part of what I love about our dances is [that] everyone can dance however they like and they don’t have to worry about how they look or who’s behind them,” she said.

The dance was held despite concerns about the weather. Although there was some rain, it was mild, and students and teachers alike enjoyed the evening.

A Priceless Opportunity

By Taylor Whittemore

The prom season is rapidly approaching as the school year nears the end of the semester, and students are abuzz with preparations. However, there can be a lot of financial pressure on prom between purchasing the proper attire, accessories, ticket, transportation, food, and whatever other costs may be associated. Priceless Prom strives to relieve some of this pressure by offering free dresses, tuxedos, and miscellaneous accessories on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, March 25
  • Thursday, March 26
  • Thursday, April 9
  • Friday, April 10
  • Tuesday, April 14
  • Wednesday, April 15
  • Monday, April 27

Priceless Prom can be found on the third floor of the Bulleri Building in Downtown Prescott.

The Barbeque Dance: A Sizzling good Time 

By Alexandre DuBroy

On August the 21st, Tri-City Prep students came out for a roaring good time to enjoy the annual barbeque dance. Students and teachers gathered for burgers, hotdogs, dancing, and more. Although it was originally planned to be held outside, Arizona’s monsoons interrupted, and the event was held indoors. Students still ate outside, and as the quad dried, sat both outside and in.

Mr. Teruchi ran the BBQ, cooking up hamburgers, hotdogs, and veggies burgers. This was complemented by cheese and condiments for the burgers and hot dogs, along with chips and soda for general consumption. A ready supply of cookies were also supplied for dessert enjoyment.

During the dance, a member of the PE class that met during the three weeks provided willing dancers with Zumba bead belts. Their effect was to encourage people to dance by making noise and making a flamboyant dancing environment. Their effect was highly successful.

Junior Hannah Leber said, “they [The belts] were really fun, and made the dance even better. It was hilarious and kind of enjoyable to watch people shaking around.”  Continue reading