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A Night of Fright

By Virginia Riley

On October 24th, the students of Tri-City Prep dressed up in their Halloween costumes and headed to the dance floor. The auditorium had been decorated with a perfect eeriness, thanks to the National Art Honors Society’s paintings. Everyone danced away the night while the DJ’s served out the music.

Mrs. Halvorson and Mrs. Milliken pose as Disney Princesses. Photo credit goes to Virginia Riley.

Mrs. Halvorson and Mrs. Milliken pose as Disney Princesses. Photo credit goes to Virginia Riley.

When asked how he was enjoying the dance, Sean Riley replied, “It is really fun. I have scared a couple people; got a couple screams.”

Grace Timpany from Prescott High School was asked how this dance related to those at PHS and answered, “These dances are really cool. I have been to, like, five of them. I have only been to one of the PHS dances.”

However, when students were not on the dance floor, they were fighting for their lives in the Slender House, based off a video game. Inside, you have to get the pages on the walls while avoiding the Slender men. The Slender men chased after the participants and tried to tag them. It lasted eight minutes, and when students made it to seven minutes, the Slender men could move faster after the players.

Grace Timpany from PHS visits Tri-City Prep to give a fright to the students as Bloody Mary. Photo credit goes to Virginia Riley.

Grace Timpany from PHS visits Tri-City Prep to give a fright to the students as Bloody Mary. Photo credit goes to Virginia Riley.

When asked if he was excited to go into the Slender house, Hyram Yarbo said, “I helped with the setting up this year so I am kind of excited because know what is there, but in the dark, it is totally different.”

After going into the Slender House, Elise Batzli said, “It was terrifying but fun at the same time … I think I held my own, I was third out, but I didn’t find any pages though.”

The real star of the dance was the costumes. There were superheroes, vampires (mostly the non-sparkly ones), gypsies, iconic characters like the Mad Hatter, some Disney costumes, and more. Over all, many people enjoyed the Tri-City Halloween dance.


Spring Fling: A Recap

By Natalie Krafft

On April 4th, student council hosted the Spring Fling. The dance started at seven and ended at ten. Students came in their best super hero costumes and got to share a swing dance with the senior they bought from the auction.

“I thought the theme was pretty creative,” said Evie Dunn, freshman, “It was well done and people really seemed to participate.” Continue reading

TCP + Teens + the Twenties = the Vintage Valentine Dance

VDance-001-2 - Version 2By Natalie Krafft

On February 7th, the students of Tri-City showed up sporting 1920’s fashion at the vintage Valentines dance. From 7 to 10 PM, Students took a break from homework, hung out with friends, and danced their heart outs at Tri-City’s auditorium.

Student Council prepared by decorating the auditorium with rose petals and hearts (naturally) and painted panels that were also decorated with hearts and XOXO’s. They also sold flowers and sweet treats. Continue reading

Swaying and Snowflakes: Winter Formal a Night to Remember

Photo Cred Anna FlurryBy Natalie Krafft

On Friday, December 14th, the students of Tri- city visited the adult center of Prescott to enjoy a lovely evening of dancing and fun.

People stepped into the Winter Wonderland at 7, wearing their best suit and tie or dress just for this special occasion. Students left the dance at 10:30, tired and happy. Continue reading

Students got a Fright at the Halloween Dance

By Natalie Krafft

On October 25th, it was all scares and flare at the dance. The dance ran from 7PM- 10PM at Tri-City. Students could either dance their hearts (or legs) out or play the Slender Man game inside the Gym for a little fright.

The student council, once again, hosted this amazing dance. You could definitely tell they put a lot of effort into this dance. With spooky eyes painted on the walls and a fog machine going, it really said Halloween.

The Slender Man game was also perfectly executed by many student volunteers. In the game, you were in complete darkness with only a flashlight and your objective was to gather eight notes before one of the three Slender Man killed (tagged) you. If you got killed, you were out and had to abandon your team. Slender Man, for those who don’t know, is a faceless man.

“I liked how they played Gangnam Style twice. That was fun!” says Mareicia Miller, a freshmen. “I didn’t like the music they chose. I think they needed more variety.” Miller rated the dance an eight out of ten.

Also at the dance, student council held a costume contest. Tons of people lined up on stage to be judged by their peers to see who would win this contest. Among the contestants was Slender Man, a knight, princess, the Black Knight from the Holy Grail with his flesh wound, the Black Swan, and many more creative costumes. In the end, a wrestler and the couple from Tangled were neck in neck. It was such a close call but in the end, the couple from Tangled won the contest.

The Student Council, once again, did a great job! The dance was fun, entertaining, with a little fright added just for Halloween.