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Freshmen Transitions: Simply Easy or Daringly Hard

by: Trenton Thompson

All of us have been a freshmen at one point and those of us who have been at Tri City for any length of time have participated in Freshman First. Freshmen First is the first three weeks of school in which the freshmen go through a process in which they become acclimated to the Tri City Prep schedule. This is because Tri City’s curriculum is considered more challenging then the average school.

However Freshmen First is seen differently by different people. Some think that Freshmen First was easy. But the most important part of Freshmen First is to have the freshmen transition into the normal curriculum at Tri City. But even the Freshmen First does not always prepare freshmen for the fall semester.

Cody Tegtman, a freshmen at Tri City Prep, when asked if he thought the Freshmen First was difficult and if it prepared him for the normal school semester, said that it prepared him well and that there was not that big of a transition from the Freshmen First to the normal semester. According to Tegtman, the transition period was well worth it.

This was a view shared by other freshmen. The common opinion was that the three weeks prepared them well.

Aubrey Thompson said that there was not a huge difference between Freshmen First and the fall semester. She also said that the homework level and the teachers where very similar and that it was an easy transition. However, she also stated that although it was similar there was more homework in the normal semester then during the three weeks.

Both Thompson and Tegtman said that Freshmen First was well worth the time.


The Back to School BBQ is a Big Success

Under and Upperclassmen party at the dance

by: Alexes Niekamp

August 25th was a day of celebrating the end of the three weeks, otherwise known as “Freshman First”. The Back to School BBQ was that night. The freshman and upperclassmen met one other and many friendships came about. It was a great start to the new school year for everybody.

The dance, afterwards, was talked about all over the school. A large majority of the comments from the students were very positive and many were glad that they had attended. The dance created many new memories for all that went.

“It was great! The music was pretty good and fun!” Aubrey Thompson, a freshman, said.

Sophomore Klara Kottke’s perspective was that the BBQ dance was fun and she liked hanging out with her friends.

“I thought that it was okay, but not as good as previous ones. I was not a fan of the music but it was still fun,” said junior Trent Thompson.

“It was poppin’ and I’m stoked for the Halloween one! Especially if everyone is in costumes and stuff, it’ll be really sweet,” said Audrey Barbe, a senior who is new to the school.

The BBQ had a $5 admission price that supplied the students with food before the dance which included burgers, chips, soda and hot dogs. Mini water bottles during the dance were also included.

The dance was overall very casual. The dance floor was very simple with a disco ball. The tables that the water bottles sat on were decorated with lights. Around the dance floor there were chairs set up for the students to sit down and chat with friends. Students also had the option to go outside for a breath of fresh air. The atmosphere was relaxing and easygoing.