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Instant Replay: Tri-City’s Sports Banquet

By Ellie Bowen

On Thursday, May 1st, Tri- City had its annual sports banquet. Most of the athletes and their families showed up to take part in the final sports event of the school year. Everyone had a great time reminiscing about their successful athletic seasons.

The first sport to be honored was archery. All of the archers lined up to receive their awards. The coaches, Mr. Batzli and Mr. Terauchi, talked about the archery team’s great season. Hunter Kruse, Miles Mabey, and Zachary Wilhelm qualified for the national archery competition this year.

The next sport to be honored was volleyball. Varsity’s MVP was Hannah Sherwood, and junior varsity’s MVP was Sabrina Flick. The freshmen team’s MVP was Jenna Inman. Coach Wamsley announced his retirement from coaching and handed the reins over to Coach McGrane, this year’s freshmen coach.

Cross country was recognized next. The cross country coach handed out awards to all of the runners. There was also a story told about the time that the cross country team got lost on a course.  Continue reading


Lady Panthers vs. Oak Creek Wildcats

By Sid Mattila

On Tuesday, the 10th of December, the Tri-City Prep Lady Panthers played off against the Oak Creek Wildcats. Time was ticking by quickly in the first quarter and was almost half over when the Lady Panthers got the first point. After the first point, many more followed which ended the first quarter with the Lady Panthers winning 7-3.

The second quarter gave the girls even more of an advantage. In this quarter, the Lady Panthers scored, adding 9 points, and the Wildcats scored a single 1 point throw. That put the Lady Panthers in the lead at 16-4. The score meant they had an explosive lead, but it would not stay explosive for long.

In the third quarter, the Wildcats began to lessen the gap in points. The Lady Panthers scored 3 points, all in all adding up to 5 points. The Wild Cats scored a series points that added up to 9 points. This left the Lady Panthers leading 16-4. The Lady Panthers were winning¸ but their advantage was not as great now as it was in previous quarters.

                The fourth quarter became a real nail biter. The Lady Panthers kept a constant lead, scoring several points to get 11 more points. The Wildcats scored several points, leaving them 8 more points this quarter. The game ended with the Lady Panthers at 27 points and the Wildcats at 24 points.

Tri-City Prep vs. Ashfork in Thrilling Basketball Matches

By Ellie Bowen

On Tuesday, December 3rd, Tri-City Prep’s basketball team faced Ashfork in a home game. It was a very close game, but unfortunately, Tri- City lost.

At the end of the first quarter of the girls’ game, the score was 3-2 with Ashfork winning. At the end of the second quarter, the score was 8-7 with Tri-City in the lead. At half time, the crowd got to check out the brand new panther mascot suit. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 20-12, and Ashfork was winning.

The fourth quarter was thrilling. With only a few seconds left, Tri- City could almost taste the victory because the score was 24-22. At the very last second, a player from Ashfork shot the ball and scored a three-pointer. The game ended 24-25 with another Ashfork victory.

The boys’ basketball team played after the girls, and the game was close. Sadly, Tri-City lost the game as well.

Panthers vs. Colts in Basketball Showdown

By Kayleigh Combs

On Monday, November 25th, 2013, the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams played against Canyon View’s teams. The girls’ game was first, and the boys’ game was right after. Tri-City won both games.

Canyon View’s Colts didn’t have a chance against the Tri-City girls. It was a very slow-paced game, but as soon as the Panthers started racking up the points, you could see that Canyon View was getting frustrated. The TCP girls won 57-16.

Directly after the girls was the boys’ game, and for most of the game the Panthers were in the lead. However, towards the end, the Colts started to catch up. Yet again, the more the Tri-City boys scored, the more frustrated Canyon View got. The Panthers ended up winning by at least 13 points.

Good job to both the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams. Keep it up!

Panthers Scrimmage and Learn a Couple Things from Orme

Dillon Stowell attempts to dribble towards the bucket as Will Bodine sets a screen for him

By Sabrina Flick

  Both the boys and girls basketball teams traveled to Orme High School recently for a pre-season scrimmage. At Orme, Tri City found out what its skill level was and also prepared for the start of a new season.

 “I think that the scrimmage was a great experience for the team, because it showed our strengths and also the things we need to improve on before our first game,” said Paige Skousen.

 The girls played a hard game with a lot of effort and determination. Unfortunately, they lost, but only by a few points.

 The boys also played a hard game against the number one guy’s team in Arizona (Orme). Tri City played an intense game, but unfortunately Orme came out on top.

 “Our team played good for the first game against a very good team and I am looking forward to a good season this year and I am very excited”, said Dillon Stowell.

 “I thought that we played pretty good in the beginning but then when they started scoring our team lost some heart and gave up somewhat,” said Dallas Meade. “This was our first game of the season though and we were playing the team that was number 1 in Arizona last year, but I believe we learned from the game and so come next game time expect a much closer game.”