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Victorious Panthers

By Ellie Bowen

On Thursday April 10, the softball team had their final games of the season. They had a double- header with Chino Valley’s junior varsity on Tri- City’s home field. Tri- City won both of their games.

The first game ended 10-6, Tri- City. Sabrina Flick pitched this entire game. Flick pitched a no- score inning this game. The second game ended 13-8, also Tri- City. Sabrina Flick and Maranda Racine both pitched this game. Shortstop Paige Skousen had some incredible throws to first base.

This game was 6 seniors’ last game playing for Tri- City. Pitcher Sabrina Flick, catcher Emily Beaman, shortstop Paige Skousen, 2nd baseman Emily Bowen, outfielder Amanda McGuire, and outfielder Stephanie Worstein will all be graduating this year.

When asked about her TCP softball experience, Emily Bowen said, “We’ve had a lot of amazing times as a team. Many tears were shed at the final game.”

The team and coaches will greatly miss all of the graduating seniors. This has been a great season, with many victories and good memories. Come support the softball team and other sports teams at the sports banquet on May 1st.


Rowing to Victory

By Chris Trefts

On March 8ththe TCP rowing crew was down at Tempe Town Lake in Phoenix. There they competed with teams from California and Arizona, and there were even teams froaround the world. Almost everyone practiced on March 7th at Tempe. Then all of their boats were set and slept at the Red Lion Inn. 

They all woke up early in the morning and headed to the lake. Their first race was a mixed double with Michael Molina and Amelia Harris in the boat. Molina and Harris did a great job in their race with a time of 4:24.10Unfortunately, Tri-City Prep did not compete in any of the single races.  

In the Women’s Jr. Fourthe boat consisted of Amelia Harris, Elizabeth Wilcken, Eve Suarez, and Rebecca Kruse, and it was coxed by Emily Schulze. They got 3rd place with a time of 9:15.90.  

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Indoor Rowing Regatta

By Chris Trefts

On February 22nd, most of the rowers packed up in the vans at 5:45 in the morning. They drove all the way down to Brophy College Prep High School. They weighed in, and got ready to row. As they warmed up on Brophy’s ergs, the tension in the air began to rise.

The first races would be the men’s light weight, where many good athletes were competing. Michael Molina placed 5th overall with a time of 7:07.3. I asked him how he felt while doing his 2k (2000 meters).

“It’s like having lighter fluid in your veins while it’s lit, while getting tunnel vision and having jolts of pain every time you take a breath.” Being a rower myself, I can agree.

Tri-City’s team also did well in the women’s light weight. Emily Schulze and Kate DuBroy put up a good fight and were competitive for the school. In the women’s open weight Amelia Harris did a great job, placing 7th with a time of 8:06.3. Continue reading

Shooting Ben Avery

By Colter Richardson

On February 22nd the Tri-City Prep archery team traveled down to the Ben Avery shooting range for their second to last tournament. Seven students made it to the tournament. The tournament started at nine o’clock but our team didn’t have to shoot until eleven o’clock. Continue reading

TCP Lady Panthers versus Spring Ridge Basketball

By Devon Bonelli
PRESCOTT, AZ- On January 22, 2014, the TCP Girls’ Basketball team played Spring Ridge Girls’ Basketball team. The TCP team had an early advantage with Rebecca DeYoung getting the first point for the team. This start lead TCP to end the first quarter with a score of 7 to 0. The winning trend went on in the second and third quarters, with TCP getting 23 points followed by 27, matched by Spring Ridge’s 2 points, then three, respectively. In the final quarter, the ladies won with a score of 31 to 3.
Many people had comments of the game. Kolsen Fiske, a freshman, said, “The game was really snazzy! I’m glad we won!”
Maranda Racine, another freshman said that “We did really well. I’m proud of them.” Continue reading