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The Annual Tri-City Prep Rowing Ergathon 

By Chris Trefts

The fourth annual Tri-City Prep (TCP) Rowing Crew Ergathon was held on Saturday May 3, 2014. It took place in downtown Prescott in front of Bill’s Pizza, directly across from the Courthouse Square.

Amelia Harris

Amelia Harris

The crew started rowing at 7am and completed their goal of 150,000 meters at approximately 6pm that evening.   The crew switched off rowing the 150,000 meters, a total of 93 miles, without ever letting the “erg” or rowing machine stop.  As one crew member got off the machine, another would very quickly get on, keeping the handles in motion at all times. The total distance rowed is the equivalent from Prescott to Phoenix. Crew members rowed at least 1,000 meters each time they took their turn on the erg.  The day was exhausting but very rewarding for the crew.



The event was very well received from the masses of people milling about downtown due to all the events. Along with the rowing Ergathon, there was the Whiskey Row Marathon and the Cinco de Mayo celebration, along with many other activities.  When the crew took a break from rowing, they circulated through the crowd at the Courthouse Square with flyers advertising the event.

Chris Trefts

Chris Trefts

The TCP Crew are in the process of collecting their donations, but believe that they did excellent at fundraising for the exciting event. This was Coach Kaplan’s last Ergathon because, sadly, he is leaving TCP next year.  The rowing crew will miss him very much.  All the best to Coach Kaplan!

Michael Molina and Mr. DuBroy

Michael Molina and Mr. DuBroy

All photo credit to Kelcie Kruse


Instant Replay: Tri-City’s Sports Banquet

By Ellie Bowen

On Thursday, May 1st, Tri- City had its annual sports banquet. Most of the athletes and their families showed up to take part in the final sports event of the school year. Everyone had a great time reminiscing about their successful athletic seasons.

The first sport to be honored was archery. All of the archers lined up to receive their awards. The coaches, Mr. Batzli and Mr. Terauchi, talked about the archery team’s great season. Hunter Kruse, Miles Mabey, and Zachary Wilhelm qualified for the national archery competition this year.

The next sport to be honored was volleyball. Varsity’s MVP was Hannah Sherwood, and junior varsity’s MVP was Sabrina Flick. The freshmen team’s MVP was Jenna Inman. Coach Wamsley announced his retirement from coaching and handed the reins over to Coach McGrane, this year’s freshmen coach.

Cross country was recognized next. The cross country coach handed out awards to all of the runners. There was also a story told about the time that the cross country team got lost on a course.  Continue reading

Rowing to Victory

By Chris Trefts

On March 8ththe TCP rowing crew was down at Tempe Town Lake in Phoenix. There they competed with teams from California and Arizona, and there were even teams froaround the world. Almost everyone practiced on March 7th at Tempe. Then all of their boats were set and slept at the Red Lion Inn. 

They all woke up early in the morning and headed to the lake. Their first race was a mixed double with Michael Molina and Amelia Harris in the boat. Molina and Harris did a great job in their race with a time of 4:24.10Unfortunately, Tri-City Prep did not compete in any of the single races.  

In the Women’s Jr. Fourthe boat consisted of Amelia Harris, Elizabeth Wilcken, Eve Suarez, and Rebecca Kruse, and it was coxed by Emily Schulze. They got 3rd place with a time of 9:15.90.  

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Rowing to Victory

By Chris Trefts

 On Saturday, October the 12th, Charlie Hargrove and Jacob Holevar went down to Tempe, Arizona for a rowing competition at Tempe Town Lake. The competition had a total of 200 people entering, and Hargrove and Holevar entered the contest in a double boat together. They tried their best and faced off against the best from schools all around Arizona. In the end, they got fourth place with a time of nineteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds in a five thousand meter race, which is Tri-city Prep’s record for best time in a double race.

Hargrove said that the water was not choppy at all, so it was smooth rowing. He also said it was “unlike most times when we practice at Lake Watson, [because] there was little wind to slow us down.” The temperature was a nice eighty degrees, so the guys were comfortable while rowing. Hargrove also added, “it was a great experience and great rowing.”

The Tri-City Prep rowing team currently consists of nineteen members. They work after every school day to the best of their abilities. Practices take place at the school on Mondays and Wednesdays and at Watson Lake on Tuesdays and Thursday. Right now, they are preparing to go to Long Beach, California for the Christmas Regatta.

Rowers Row Over a Hundred Miles and Never Leave Prescott

Emily Schulze

            On Saturday January 21, Tri City’s rowing crew hosted an Ergathon at the Prescott Gateway Mall. Over the course of elven hours and fifty five minutes the crew rowed 175,000 meters, 175 kilometers, approximately 108 miles, or just over the distance from the mall to downtown Phoenix.

            In the months leading up to the Ergathon, each rower was required to secure pledges from community members in which they agreed to donate a set amount of money to the rowing team if the set amount of meters was reached during the course of the Ergathon.

Donations were also accepted over the course of the day, and while rowers were not working in some capacity or another they often chose to spend their time educating confused people passing the ergathon as to what they were doing.

The rowing crew did very well during their fundraiser and has secured enough money for upcoming travel expenses and miscellaneous fees.

The rowers also went above and beyond the expectations of their coaches during the day, as the original goal was to row 150 kilometers, not 175. However, as the day progressed and weariness set in, the rowers continued to push themselves ahead of schedule, and ending up with enough time to row the extra 25,000 meters.

Over the course of the day, one erg, which is a rowing simulator, was being rowed constantly, and the 175,000 meters does not include the meters rowed by other people rowing on the five ergs that were present at the mall.

These ergs were used for exhibitions, in which four rowers would row with each other, keeping pace with one another, or to teach non rowers how to row. Overall it was a great experience and our weary rowers had an amazing time raising money and setting new goals.