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Instant Replay: Tri-City’s Sports Banquet

By Ellie Bowen

On Thursday, May 1st, Tri- City had its annual sports banquet. Most of the athletes and their families showed up to take part in the final sports event of the school year. Everyone had a great time reminiscing about their successful athletic seasons.

The first sport to be honored was archery. All of the archers lined up to receive their awards. The coaches, Mr. Batzli and Mr. Terauchi, talked about the archery team’s great season. Hunter Kruse, Miles Mabey, and Zachary Wilhelm qualified for the national archery competition this year.

The next sport to be honored was volleyball. Varsity’s MVP was Hannah Sherwood, and junior varsity’s MVP was Sabrina Flick. The freshmen team’s MVP was Jenna Inman. Coach Wamsley announced his retirement from coaching and handed the reins over to Coach McGrane, this year’s freshmen coach.

Cross country was recognized next. The cross country coach handed out awards to all of the runners. There was also a story told about the time that the cross country team got lost on a course.  Continue reading


Kick for the Cure Soccer Tournament

By Kayleigh Combs

During the weekend of the 22-24th of November, the Scottsdale Sports Complex put on a soccer tournament to support the breast cancer victims and survivors. The Prescott branch of the Scottsdale Blackhawks Soccer Club participated in the tournament, and out of five teams that played representing Prescott, the U12 and U14 girls both got first place for their age group.

Sophomores Megan Welborn and Haley Rasmussen and freshmen Abbey Beaman, Fiona Hull, and Kayleigh Combs played for the U16 girls team. They played in the A Bracket against some of the top teams in the state. The first game was played at 12:00 pm against the Far West Soccer 98 Bandits and ranked number 18th in the state of Arizona. It was a very tough game against some very talented soccer players, and we lost 4-0. The second game played was at 6:00 pm against North Scottsdale 98 White, ranked number 19th in state. It was a close game for the first half, but as soon as the game moved into the second half, North Scottsdale got a goal.

The next morning the team played at 8:00 against AYSO 1079 Desert Devils 98/99 who is ranked 13th in state. The opposing scored once and but soon after, the score was tried once again. In the second half, however, AYSO 1079 got one more goal on the other team and won. The last game played was at 5:30 pm against AYSO 688 Alliance 98. Ready to win a game, the A Bracket finally did with a score of 3-0. They may have not gotten first place, but it was still a great to end the weekend with a win.

Tri-City Brawl

By Kelcie Kruse

This past Thursday, September 5th, 2013, Tri-City Prep’s soccer team faced Tri-City Christian’s team at four o’clock. This was TCP’s first chance to test their new team this season right on our own field.

The game lasted from just after 4:00 until 5:30 that evening. The end score was 4-3, in favor of TCP’s team. Continue reading

Soccer Defeats Tri City Christian for the First Time in Five Years

Caden Burch steals the ball to move it up the field. Photo by: Sabrina Flick

By Sabrina Flick

Tri City Prep soccer players traveled all the way down to Chandler, Arizona to battle it out with Tri City Christian. Playing on a rough field and against a more competitive team made the first half of the game challenging for both teams.

“Honestly, we played pretty bad, but due to the speed of the field and the heat it wasn’t terrible. We definitely should have had more goals, but it could have been worse as well. It’s hard playing against the refs as well as players. But hey, we did our best and came out on top so that’s all that matters in any game,” said Gavan Turner.

“This wasn’t our cleanest game. It was a little rough to be honest,  but we played with enough heart that we pulled out the win,” said Dallas Meade.

In the second half, Tri City knew they had to step it up in order to win. With the defense and the offense working harder, Tri City made more progress. After a long wait, Meade scored a goal.

Unfortunately for Tri City Prep, Tri City Christian slipped one into their goal. This was when Tri City Prep really kicked it into gear.

Within the last few minutes of the game, Meade scored another goal. Turner made a goal off of a penalty kick, but unfortunately it did not count because it was supposed to be an indirect kick.

In the end, the final score was 2 to 1. Tri City Prep pulling off yet another victory.

Tri City Soccer Continues to Own Even on Enemy Territory

Dallas Meade protects the ball on an attack on goal. Photo by Sabrina Flick

By Sabrina Flick

Tri City continues their undefeated journey. They played a chilly game against Camp Verde. In the first half, Camp Verde could hardly keep the ball in their offense’s possession. Tri City’s defense was once again extremely strong and the offense also stepped it up one notch from the last game.

“Well I thought we played really good and that we played with a lot of heart, but I’d say I was most impressed with our defense. [They] allowed us to control the game,” said Dallas Meade.

A large part of the game was filled with many corner kicks. During one of these kicks, Caden Burch, a defensive player, almost scored a goal.

Tri city had an extremely hard working defense which helped to keep the ball mostly in the offenses possession.  Nate Cunningham, serving as goalie, was very protective of the TCP goal.

“I think we played great…our offense and defense was on top of its game and took us to a great, smooth victory” said Dillon Stowell.

The official score ended up 7 to 1 in Tri City’s favor. Meade scored three, Catie Hoekstra scored two, and Stowell scored two. Their next game is October 21. They’ll travel to Phoenix to battle Tri City Christian. Good luck Panthers!