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Panthers Defeat Chino Valley for the First Time

Gavan Turner steals the ball from an attacking Chino Valley player. Photo by: Sabrina Flick

By Trenton Thompson

Tri City Prep has played Chino Valley in the past, and has usually lost. The Panthers used to play halfheartedly against them because they would lose anyway. This attitude changed on September 22 after their victory against Chino Valley.

“There is a rivalry now,” said sophomore Timmy Holbrook.

Many spectators at the game also expected Chino Valley to kill Tri City Prep. When they saw that Tri City won against the competitive athletic school, they were shocked.

“That’s crazy,” said both Sebastian Trejo and Grant Morgan.

Contrasting to the end of the game, the beginning of it did not seem good for The Panthers. This changed in the middle of the game when they tied with Chino Valley. Many people agreed that the tie was the climax of the game. At this point, The Panthers broke the tie and won with two more points than their opponent.

Holbrook said that “It was the most exciting part of the game!”

The players who scored goals were Gavin Turner with four goals and Dillon Stowell with one giving the Panthers a final score of 5-2.

Tri City’s win was due to their hard work as a team, and the guidance of Coach Turner. The students of Tri City Prep were proud and excited about their conquest.

“I’d say they (the team) did really well,” said Anna Reed.

Armed with all their games so far ending in victory, the Panthers can look forward to a successful soccer season.