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Softball: The End or Not?

Tri-City Prep High School may not have a softball season this year. Being a small school, it is difficult to always find the money to fund sports, clubs, and other various activities. Tri-City’s softball team will not be meeting this year, unless enough tax credit and donations are given before the softball season. Many of last year’s players are looking for tax credits and hope to be able to play this year. They hope that after such a successful season last year that we could come back and try to do even better. It was disheartening for them to hear that it can’t happen, but the team is trying to find a way. If anyone is interested in supporting the softball team, talk to Mrs. Winters.


Instant Replay: Tri-City’s Sports Banquet

By Ellie Bowen

On Thursday, May 1st, Tri- City had its annual sports banquet. Most of the athletes and their families showed up to take part in the final sports event of the school year. Everyone had a great time reminiscing about their successful athletic seasons.

The first sport to be honored was archery. All of the archers lined up to receive their awards. The coaches, Mr. Batzli and Mr. Terauchi, talked about the archery team’s great season. Hunter Kruse, Miles Mabey, and Zachary Wilhelm qualified for the national archery competition this year.

The next sport to be honored was volleyball. Varsity’s MVP was Hannah Sherwood, and junior varsity’s MVP was Sabrina Flick. The freshmen team’s MVP was Jenna Inman. Coach Wamsley announced his retirement from coaching and handed the reins over to Coach McGrane, this year’s freshmen coach.

Cross country was recognized next. The cross country coach handed out awards to all of the runners. There was also a story told about the time that the cross country team got lost on a course.  Continue reading

Panthers Seize a Thrilling Victory!

By Colter Richardson

On April 4th, the Tri-City Prep softball team played against Mayer. They faced off at Heritage Field, the softball fields near the zoo. There was a feeling of excitement in the air as the girls warmed up and prepared for their game.

Mrs. Muchna and many parents showed up to cheer on our girls,  and they did great. Several onlookers remarked that the team was doing much better than they were at the beginning of the season.

In the final inning of the game, the score was sixteen to eight with TCP in the lead. Stephanie Worstein came up to bat with Alexis Miller on third. She hit, bringing Miller home, which raised the score to seventeen to eight. The ball kept going, flying and rolling all the way to the fence. Worstein ran to home base for a home run.

This brought the score up to eighteen to eight with TCP still in the lead. The game was called because of the ten-run rule. This rule states that if a team is winning by ten runs, the game is over and that team wins. This rule is due to how hard it is to recover from ten runs in just a few innings. The Panthers were delighted by their early and impressive win.

TCP Softball Ends With a Bang

Emly Beaman dives to tag a girl out.

By Sabrina Flick

The Tri City Prep lady panthers finished their season on a successful note after playing their last game of the season. The game was held April 25th at Heritage Park in Prescott, and all of the girls were excited and ready to win their last game.

The girls walked onto the field with a great attitude and were ready to play a great game. Tri City led Orme in runs the entire game and held them at 0 runs until the last inning. It was a well thought out and executed game in which each player was alert and ready for anything.

The final score was 11 to 1 with Tri City in the lead. This final victory was very exciting for the team and was the perfect finish to a spectacular season. Coaches Randal and John were fantastic coaches and their dedication to the team saw them through a successful season.

“Both the last game and the season were really fun,” said Alison Whitney, a freshman.

Overall the Lady Panthers played a great season, and their attitudes stayed positive through everything with hard work predominating over everything else.

“I think that this was a very successful softball season. We’ve improved so much and held our own against bigger, more experienced schools. The last game was the sum of all our hard work and everyone played great and enjoyed themselves,” said Paige Skousen, a sophomore who is the catcher on the team.

There were many highlights of the season and each player had their own good play and shining moment.

“I had so much fun! The coaches were awesome and I loved the girls!” said Caroline Ward.

“The girls had an excellent season this year. They all improved greatly and I hope to see them all play next year and have an even better season,” said Cody Tegman, the team’s manager.

TCP Softball Goes Head-to-Head With Camp Verde

Catie Hoekstra catches an infield fly and stops Camp Verde's play.

By Sabrina FlickThe Tri City Prep Lady Panthers softball team played against Camp Verde High School on Monday, April

16th and again on Wednesday April 18th. Monday’s game was very well played, but unfortunately the Panthers were not able to win the game. Wednesday’s game was a different story. It was a great game and probably the best of the season with a final score of 16 to 0 in the Panthers favor.

“The team was in the zone! We made one good play after another and it showed how all of our hard work and practice paid off,” said Blair Willette, a team captain.

The Lady Panthers stepped out on the Camp Verde field with a great mind set and they were ready to show Camp Verde that it wasn’t going to be an easy game. Some of the highlights of the game included double plays by both Catie Hoekstra and Sabrina Flick. Everyone played really well, and Blair Willette and Emily Beaman had several great plays.

Overall the game was a team effort. The infield was where they needed to be at all times, and outfield never let any balls get past them and quickly stopped the opposing team’s plays. Paige Skousen and

Karen Ann Mancha did a fantastic jobbing catching and pitching respectively.

“Everyone did amazing! It was the best game we played all season and we really came together and played as a team. Everyone was on their game and it really showed in the score,” said Beaman, another team captain.

“It was a well executed game. They did an excellent job and played hard during the entire game,” said

Cody Tegman, team manager.

They were both great games

and hopefully not the last win for the Lady Panthers.