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JV Volleyball Victory!

By Ellie Bowen 

Tri-City Prep Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity volleyball teams faced Tri-City Christian’s on Thursday, September 5th, 2013. The TCP JV team beat Tri-City Christian’s in just two matches. TCP’s Varsity narrowly lost in four matches.

JV’s first match ended in a score of 25-8, a win for Tri-City Prep. Their second match was 25-13, also in favor of Tri-City Prep. The girls had some killer serves, fantastic digs, and amazing hits.

Varsity’s first match ended 25-23, a win for Tri-City Christian. The second match was 26-24, also a success for Tri-City Christian. The Tri-City Prep girls came back in the third match and won 25-22. The fourth match was lost to Tri-City Christian, at 26-24. The teams were neck and neck the entire game. The TCP players had many excellent plays.


Lady Panthers on the Prowl

Paige Skousen spikes the ball onto the opposing team's side

By: Alexes Niekamp and Aubrey Thompson

Our Tri-City Prep volleyball team is doing a great job this season! But the season is finishing up and the girls are kicking it into gear.

 The Lady Panthers played against the AAEC, an agricultural and equestrian school in Prescott Valley, for a scrimmage on Monday, October 3.  Both teams did amazing and had an awesome time playing against each other. Coach Wamsley told the girls to enjoy themselves and use this as a good learning experience. Both Tri-City varsity and junior varsity (JV) won against AAEC.

Tri-City junior varsity girls played against Spring Ridge on Tuesday, October 4. The JV team was on their game and won two games with scores of 25-14 and the second with 25-9.

While the girls were warming up before the varsity game, the varsity captain of Spring Ridge Academy, Meredith, who did not want her last name revealed, said, “I don’t want to lose.”

Before the varsity game, the coach of Spring Ridge Academy, Jana said, “It is good that the team gets the experience with the junior varsity and varsity, because other schools don’t always have both. It is more realistic for my girls, and a better view instead of the regular boarding school teams.”

Our varsity team walked onto the court prepared and ready to work as a team. Tri-City pulled ahead in the games and won the matches. The scores were 25-15, 25-20, and 25-14, all in favor of TCP.

The big rivalry game, Tri-City against Trinity, was on Wednesday, October 5. Both teams wanted the win desperately, but only one could win. Up first were the JV teams and our girls prevailed. The matches were quickly won with 25-9 and 25-14.

The varsity team was ready to play. Both teams played hard and did their absolute best. The Tri-City ladies were all over the floor, diving for every ball, some dives resulting in bruises. The first game was awarded to Trinity, 25-15, and the second also to Trinity, 25-23. Tri-City then switched it up and won with 25-23. But Trinity drove it home and won the fourth game with a score of 25-23. All of the games were close calls and everyone was impressed with the effort and sportsmanship.

For the first time in over four years, our Tri-City volleyball teams are having a winning season. Congratulations to all the players and to Coach Wamsley for a successful season so far. Don’t forget to come out and support your team in the last few games before the tournament, and don’t forget that the Panthers are on the prowl!

Lady Panthers Overwhelm Northpoint

Hannah Sherwood and Paige Skousen block a set by Northpoint's #9

By: Alexes Niekamp and Aubrey Thompson

At the beginning of the volleyball season, Coach Wamsley had said, “all in all I would like the team to come together and…to have a fun season. We have a good chance at winning this season. We have an exciting year because we are in our first conference and we actually have a chance at the tournament.”

On September 28th, the volleyball girls played the Northpoint Expeditionary Academy Ravens. Because Northpoint doesn’t have a junior varsity and a varsity team Coach Wamsley combined Tri City’s JV and Varsity and formed a mixed roster. The match took place in Tri City’s gym giving the Panthers the home advantage. The girls were confident and prepared for anything that came their way.

The Panthers took the lead with the Ravens following close behind. Our girls won the first three games, even with an enormous amount of time outs from the Ravens in the second game, which resulted in an overall victory.

“Congratulations Lady Panthers on your phenomenal volleyball win. You are off to an amazing start!” said Ashley Santillan, the team manager.

The teams would like to invite everyone to the rest of their games. The next home game is Monday October 17th followed by Thursday the 20th. The more fans that are in the stands the more confidence the players have. Overall our Varsity girls have a record of seven wins and one loss making the team a hopeful for the tournament. Keep it up Lady Panthers!

Volleyball Girls Pump It Up This Season Against Opposing Schools

By Alexes Niekamp and Aubrey Thompson

The TCP Panthers are on the prowl. Volleyball season has officially started! Both Varsity and Junior Varsity are excited about this season and know that it is going to be a terrific one.

“This season, since we’re in a league this year, I would love to see us go to the tournament, and hopefully win. But [for the most part it’s] just to prove that we can be a contender, and to just have a good time [and] enjoy the team we’ve got this year,” said Becca Kepner, Captain of the Varsity volleyball team.

The game that opened the season up for both teams was against Trinity Christian at their school. Junior Varsity played first and walked on the court with confidence and strength. The TCP Panthers lost, but the girls had fun and learned new skills and techniques that they can work on during practice. Junior Varsity lost two games, but they gave all that they had and walked off the court with their heads held high. Varsity was there to support them and gave them encouraging words afterwards.

Varsity played after Junior Varsity and walked out on the court with self-assurance. During the game they worked together well on the court. They also played hard, but in the end came up short. They won 1 game and lost 3. Most of the Junior Varsity players were there afterwards to greet them and give them hugs. The games demonstrated much teamwork and that the girls on both Varsity and Junior Varsity can trust each other.

Tri-City was scheduled to play Prescott Valley High School on Thursday, September 15th, but the teams forfeited the game. The forfeit awarded TCP with the win.

On Monday, September 19th our Varsity team was scheduled to play Leupp from Flagstaff. Leupp ran slightly behind. Coach Wamsley mixed Junior Varsity and Varsity for the first match (best 3 out of 5). Tri-City won the first two games, Leupp won the third, and then Tri-City came back in it with another win, awarding TCP the match. Afterwards, Leupp played the Junior Varsity team. JV won two games right off the bat.

The next day, Tuesday, September 20th, the volleyball team played a match against American Heritage High School. Junior Varsity played first. They pulled ahead during the beginning of the first game, but American Heritage won the second game, making it a tie. However, the team pulled it together and won the third game.

Immediately afterwards, Varsity played American Heritage’s Varsity team. TCP won three out of five games, making them the winning team.

All in all, both teams gave their all and had a great opening season with a mixture of wins, losses and forfeits. This season will be a successful one for our lady panthers, and we hope to see all of you come out and support them. Remember ladies:  “Keep, Keep, Keep it up….Keep that panther spirit up!”

Upcoming Games-

Wednesday, Sept. 28th– T.C.P VS Copper Canyon- home gym- Varsity 4:00

Thursday, Sept. 29th– T.C.P. VS North Point- home gym- Varsity 4:00

Tuesday, Oct. 4th– T.C.P. VS Spring Ridge- home gym- JV 3:30, Varsity 4:30