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Spring Concert In Photos

Photo Credit to Amanda Bertsch

Students perform Aladdin

Photo Credit to Amanda Bertsch

Choir performs

Photo Credit to Amanda Bertsch

Beginning Strings Performs

Photo Credit to Amanda Bertsch

Music Students Perform Aladdin


Musical Memories to Last a Lifetime: TCP’s Spring Concert

By Amanda Bertsch

Thursday, April 17th, was the annual Tri-City concert and art show. 74 students performed and an additional 25 had their art on display. The music department estimates that about 200 people attended.

From 5:00 until just before the concert, artwork was featured in the art garage. Each piece was accompanied by a sheet detailing the artist’s name, the artwork’s title, and an explanation of its symbolism. From a battle between good and evil (Sean Riley, freshman) to a peaceful rendering of proud memories (Shelli Thompson, senior), the works gave an insight in to Tri-City’s students.

By 6:50, everyone was filing in for the concert. The night’s theme, “around the world in 60 minutes,” was well-represented by the stage decorations. A large Arabian-style tent was framed on both sides by drawings of palm trees. Programs were handed out and soon the audience was settling in for the night’s entertainment. “I thought the artwork was absolutely magnificent!” exclaimed Erika Gustafson (freshman, cello). “I was excited to see all the students’ hard work.”“I thought the artwork was absolutely magnificent!” exclaimed Erika Gustafson (freshman, cello). “I was excited to see all the students’ hard work.” Continue reading

Sustainability: Arizona Envirothon

By Kelcie Kruse

The 2014 Arizona Envirothon Competition was March 21st and 22nd in Maricopa at the University of Arizona’s Agricultural Center. Mrs. Muchna took her team of five Envirothon students, Jacob Holevar, Amelia Harris, Erin Pflueger, Emily Andreasky, and Kelcie Kruse, to the competition on Friday, March 21st.

Each year, Envirothon focuses on a main topic. This year’s focus was on Sustainable Agriculture in the Desert Southwest. Muchna’s students have been studying this and related topics since the beginning of the second semester under the leadership of Holevar. The competition focuses on four environmental topics, Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, and Wildlife. The students have been tying these topics in to sustainable agriculture. Continue reading

Mock Trial Teams Compete in Flagstaff

By Alexandre DuBroy

On March 1st, 2014, both of Tri-City’s Mock Trial teams competed at the Flagstaff Superior Courthouse. The day long competition began at eight o’clock in the morning and ran until about five-thirty in the evening. This was the mock trial regional competition, and more than ten teams from across Northern Arizona participated. The competition was judged by actual Judges and a few lawyers from the Flagstaff area.

The competition ran much like an actual court case, including openings, closings, direct and cross examinations, and all the other facets of a real world case. Students had to masterfully display their skills and understanding of court procedure, including the federal laws of evidence and how to properly make an objection. Students had only thirty-five minutes to present their side of the case, and each case was seventy minutes long.

The case that students put on is a full case, presented via court documents to students. The documentation is written by a team of lawyers, and they carefully craft the hundred page, double sided document. This year’s case covered a high school student who suspected that someone had been spying on him through his school issued computer.  Continue reading

Mock Trial Retreat

By Alexandre DuBroy
On the 23 and 24 of January, Tri-City’s Mock Trial team went on a superb outing. In order to complete the long process of putting a case together, they went on a two day retreat to write up all the parts of a good case. Thanks to the generosity of the Rashid family, the teams of students were able to camp out at the Rashid’s ranch. About two dozen TCP students participated.
Tri-City’s Mock Trial team has been competing for the past four years. Not only have they had fun, but they have learned the many lessons of the courtroom. Each year, the students learn first the basics. Students must learn the entire process of the court, including introductions, direct examining witnesses, cross examining witnesses, and closing arguments. It is a complex process.
The case that the students play out is a full case, and although fictional, is quite complete. The typical case is about 80 pages, with six witness statements, more than a dozen exhibits, and all necessary court documents. Continue reading