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Ten Things to Do Over Fall Break

By Virginia Riley and Markus Weinzinger

For some people Fall Break is a time when they go on vacation with their family, but others spend the time looking for things to do. For those students that are looking, here are ten things to do over fall break.

Around Town:

v  Go for a hike – whether it is to be around nature or to get some great pictures. Some good places to go are around one of the lakes, in the Prescott National Forest, or the Iron King Trail.

v  Go to the movies! Some movies that are coming out on October 4th are Gravity, Runner Runner, A. C. O. D., Parkland, Bad Milo!, Argento’s Dracula 3D, The Dirties, and Grace Unplugged. Then on October 11th some movies that are coming out are Machete Kills, Captain Phillips, Haunt, Romeo and Juliet, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Escape from Tomorrow, CBGB, Zero Charisma, and The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete.

Hamlet is being performed at Yavapai College Preforming Arts Center on Friday the 11th. It starts at 7:30 P. M. and the tickets range from $19 to $38. The director of the play is Margot Harley with members of the first graduating class of Julliard’s drama division. Continue reading


7 Spring Activities for Bored (and Broke) Teenagers

By Evie Dunn

Finding things to do can already be pretty difficult, let alone in Prescott. Here’s a list of 7 activities you can do to stay entertained for less than too much money.

7. Warm Weather Appreciation

The weather is getting better, so what’s a better way to admire it than to go outdoors? Appreciate the Spring weather by going mountain biking, hiking, or having a picnic with your friends. Continue reading

Creative Dating Tips for High Schoolers

By Evie Dunn

With high-school relationships, it’s easy to get bored and overwhelmed by work, school, and relationships. Finding something to do with your partner might seem impossible—especially in Prescott. Below are ten tips about how to stay entertained when you’re in a relationship, and maybe even strengthen the bond while you’re at it.

  1. Starbucks Shakespeare  

Take your date out to Starbucks (or your favorite local coffee shop) and bring a pen and paper. After you’ve ordered your drinks, sit down and write either poetry or things you might not know about each other on paper. When you’re finished, show your partner and learn more about each other during this in-depth date.  Continue reading

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

By Evie Dunn

Valentine’s Day is a holiday about celebrating with your special someone. But surviving it on a high school budget can be tough, so below are 10 tips on how to keep both your valentine and your wallet happy, while still maintaining the creativity your valentine loves about you.

1.     Balloon Bouquet

Buy some red and pink balloons and small chocolates, and write your valentine a small note. Continue reading