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A Chat with Dr. Halvorson: The Future of the School and Its Students

By Devon Bonelli

PRESCOTT, AZ- On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, Dr. Halverson conducted a meeting in which she discussed a wide range of topic such as future plans for the school and some helpful tips for students.

Dr. Halvorson expressed happiness with the school’s size. After speaking with the faculty, she found that there is no need to expand further. However, Dr. Halverson did show interest in starting a 5-8 middle school, if the right person can be found.

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The 2013 Spring Academic Marathon

By Dr. Halvorson

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As you do each year, students are running the annual academic marathon and today the end is in sight.  For some this year’s marathon will be your last high school marathon.  Others will run the high school marathon again next year. Maybe this year you are in a position to finish the year with your personal best statistics. Others have had a difficult year and just finishing will be a personal accomplishment. Either way, if you were coaching students you would tell them to not give up so close to the end. Continue reading

Attention to Lunch Litter

TCP cafeteria after lunch

TCP cafeteria and stage after lunch

By Dr. Halvorson

My husband and I were visiting with our waitress in a restaurant the other day and she was explaining how differently people leave their table after eating. Some, she said, leave their table so neat that it is easy to clean up after them.  Others leave such a mess that they have to clean the floor under the table and even the aisle beside their table. Continue reading

Appreciating the Environment at TCP

By Dr. Halvorson

Over the past 8 years, many students have walked the TCP campus. It is with great pride in those students that I can say we have a clean and beautiful campus.  Students appreciate this educational environment and help to keep it free from litter, graffiti and damage.

Two years ago, we noticed that some were getting careless with their language which also contributes to the educational environment. We started a program called QL@TCP which stands for Quality Language at Tri-City Prep. It was felt that as college-bound students and college graduates, we should be able to find higher quality words to express ourselves. (Research has shown that when swear words are used, the most primitive part of our brain is stimulated.)  Everyone took up the cause with such enthusiasm that it was automatically passed to the new freshmen last year without the faculty saying anything. I also appreciate that I have not heard any low-quality language out of this year’s freshmen either. Way to go. Keep up the good work.

Accomplishments through Flag Raising and the Pledge of Allegiance

By Dr. Halvorson

I want to thank all the students at TCP for participating in and showing such respect for flag raising.  Did you know that by law, public schools in America are required to facilitate the pledge at least once every day?  Rather than do it in classrooms, TCP decided to have flag ceremony every morning.  One reason is that with all our differences, we still have one thing in common; we are all citizens of the United States.  Pride in our country is something we can all share. At the very least, a person can have pride that our country allows its citizens to speak freely about the country’s problems.

No one is perfect. Self-evaluation is important to growth and improvement. When you have discovered a fault you have, it is sometimes hard to feel good about yourself. But it is important to keep your “spirits up” or you may lose the strength to work on the fault.  The same is true with our country.  We have problems, but if we “get down” on our country, we can lose the motivation to constructively correct problems and resort to destructive displays of anger and depression.

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