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Ferguson: As the World Watches

Ferguson riots

Riots have exploded in Ferguson. Picture courtesy the UK Telegraph.

Riots have rocked the nation in the case of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson. Darren Wilson was a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri when he shot and killed Michael Brown, a teenager. Since Brown was African American and Wilson is white, many consider this a racial issue. Wilson shot Brown on August 9th after Wilson allegedly confronted him about a robbing of a convenience store. Some sources say Brown attacked Wilson, but some also claim Brown was fleeing when he was shot.

Starting in November, a new fire was lit as the Grand Jury decision neared. A Grand Jury is responsible for deciding if charges will be brought to trial (the accused would be indicted) or will not reach court. The Missouri National Guard was called in to safeguard the people, schools were closed weeks in advance, and more protests began. On November 24, the verdict of the Grand Jury was released: Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the death of Brown.

Since then, peaceful and not-so-peaceful protests have rippled across the nation. Some claim that this is a great injustice, while others insist that Wilson was simply doing his job. Especially in Ferguson, both sides have resorted to less peaceful confrontations, with some protestors vandalizing stores, flipping cars, and lighting houses on fire, while the police have fired tear gas into protesting crowds. In this latest scourge of riots, there have been several deaths reported already, and the toll is expected to rise before the conflict is done. We bring two perspectives on this ongoing situation, both from Tri-City students.

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Negative Impacts of Looser Regulation for APS

By Alexandre DuBroy

Arizona power companies are reportedly spurning customers with new policies. APS, or Arizona Public Service, is a power company that has held a monopoly on power for northern, and parts of southern, Arizona since 1884. APS is currently owned by Pinnacle West Capital Company, which is publically traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It has received extensive criticism in recent years.

 APS is regulated by the Arizona corporation commission, and that is composed of five elected officials. APS has still pressed for and received less regulation, to public dismay. APS has passed rate hikes, and its installation of “Smart Meters” is still highly controversial. APS now plans to charge solar power users more than non-solar users, reportedly because the “eco-friendly solar users are costing APS profits” (

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