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Envirothon Takes First!

By Amanda Bertsch
On the weekend of April 1st, 60 Arizona high school students gathered at the University of Arizona’s Maricopa Agricultural Center. The students were there to participate in the Arizona Envirothon competition, an ecology challenge.
The Envirothon competition has four areas of testing. In aquatic ecology, students test water samples and answer questions about water conservation concepts. In soils and land use, students test soils for texture, chemical content, and color, and use land use booklets to determine best land management practices. In forestry, students use National Park Service equipment to identify trees and determine uses for various types of lumber, and in wildlife, students identify pelts, skulls, photos, and habitat ranges for species.
Each year also has a special topic. This year the competition centered around sustainable agriculture and land use, meaning that the students had two hours to prepare a presentation on the management of a hypothetical farm with a host of issues. They synthesized a thick packet of information into a 10-minute presentation.
Ten Tri-City Prep students participated in this year’s competition, forming two teams. Amanda Bertsch captained a team of Kaleb Lyonnais, Kim Zamora-Delgado, Brianna D’Angelo, and Ethan Krafft, while Tieran Rashid captained a team of Audrey Guess, Julia Goswick, Deven Kohler, and Natalie D’Angelo.
“It truly felt like a team and professional experience,” Tieran Rashid said, adding “we had a lot of fun.”
Bertsch’s team took home 1st in aquatic ecology, 1st in forestry, 2nd in wildlife, and 3rd in soils and land use. They also won the first place overall, meaning they will represent Arizona in the North American Envirothon competition in Baltimore this summer. This is the second time Tri-City has won the top award but the first time the school will be attending the North American competition.


The Journey up the Totem Pole: Poetry for Transitioning High Schoolers

By Mishaela Moore


The Start of Something New 

This is a beginning for me

The start of something new

I’ll wipe the slate clean

And begin fresh like dew

A whole new ball game

And the score is zero zero

At the end of this season

I’ll be the great Hero

A beginning, the start of something new

The time to put aside things

That will not benefit you

Start fresh, right from the top

Let the past go

Hold on tight, the future is here

Now is the time to grow

I’ll concentrate and set the pace

On things I need to achieve

And zero in on all my goals

From start to the very end

There’s something great about this year

And I’ll be the first to say

The emotions I have are coming clear

I can feel them everyday

I have no doubt this is my time

My season is about to begin

I’ll be on top before to long

And I’ll help everyone I can.

  • David J. Hudson

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Tablets Create Incredible Opportunity, Responsibility for Students

To watch the full announcement, click here.

By Anna Flurry

In a few weeks, select Tri-City Prep students will receive brand-new Windows Surface Tablets. Generously donated by Terri and Rick Rashid, the tablets will be used as educational tools, starting with Junior English and Chemistry students.

These students will be the pilot group to assess student responsibility. If all goes well, the rest of the student body will receive tablets at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year. Continue reading

New Tablets Announced for TCP Students

Microsoft surface

By Anna Flurry

December 20th, 2012 marks an exciting day in Tri-City Prep history. During the last school period before Winter Break, after a rousing College Bowl (which the seniors won), Mrs. Milliken asked Terri and Rick Rashid to address the student body with a special announcement. Continue reading

Rikki Jones Models at Babies to Boomers

By Natalie Krafft

On October 25th, the Babies to Boomers expo was held at the adult center of Prescott. With small businesses lining the rooms to advertise their business, it was a great opportunity to not only support local business but also to support the Akita Advocates.

At this expo, there was a great fashion show that Rikki Jones was able to take part of. “My favorite part of this particular fashion show was being a part of an event the Prescott held as a community.” says Rikki Jones. “This was my first time modeling in a fashion show that [I] haven’t put together so to be a part of something that big was absolutely amazing! Oh and the shoes…. the shoes were great!” Jones adds.

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