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Spotlight on Bella Ballard: A Year in Latacuga, Ecuador

By Mariecia Miller

Last year, one of TCP’s students, Bella Ballard, a senior, was chosen to be a student ambassador for the United States. On August 20th, 2011, Ballard went to live in Latacuga, Ecuador for a year.

“My reason for going was because I wanted to see how different countries work and the benefits and disadvantages of being an American,” Ballard said.

She said that Ecuador varied from the US on many levels.

“They are very family orientated and school is different,” said Ballard. “They’re not as lazy, and they eat a lot healthier and don’t eat fast food.” She added, “The food was always the same – always rice and potatoes and soup. It was really boring, and I think it made [people] fat. The clothing looked the same as here except they were all knock-off brands. The natives clothing was different though. They had their typical dress, skirt, hat thing.”

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