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Senior Interview with Leah McGuire

By Markus Weinzinger

Senior Leah McGuire has been an outstanding example at Tri-City over her four years. She entered looking for a challenge and found great experiences to participate in. She looks to helping others both in and outside of school. Leah draws inspiration and guidance from her family and friends. She has visited multiple states and a country beyond Arizona and enjoys singing and dancing among other talents. Leah may be leaving at the conclusion of this school year, but she thanks all those who have supported her. We’ll miss you, Leah!

Q: What made you come to Tri-City?

A: I came to Tri-City because by the time I hit 8th grade, school was so easy for me, and I wanted to be challenged. I enjoyed learning things and having to work hard, which I had not gotten yet in school.

Q: How was your freshman year?

A: My freshman year was awesome, and probably my favorite year of high school.

Q: What are your favorite classes/programs/clubs/sports at Tri-City Prep? Why?

A: My favorite classes so far have been Freshman English, Religion/Ethics, and Anatomy. My favorite sport here is volleyball, and my favorite club is Student Council.

Q: Have you done anything notable outside of school?

A: I have been mentoring over young students that go to my church and helping them with their school work and their lives in general. I don’t know if its notable but it’s something outside of school that I do.

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A Senior Interview with Hyram Yarbro

By Markus Weinzinger

Hyram Yarbro has been at Tri-City Prep for only four years, but so much has happened within that time. Participant in the Fashion Shows and member of P.A.L., Tri-M, and humanitarian organizations, he is a solid example of a hard worker and supporter. Hyram draws his abilities from inspirational role models and from a love for serving others. He has stepped in cultural countries far and wide. His legacy is to follow your dreams and the fact that serving others yields happiness.

Q: What made you come to Tri-City?

A: After attending Heritage Middle School in Chino Valley, I decided that I wanted a quality education where I could be surrounded by people who cared about learning as much as I did. My two older brothers and sister both came to Tri-City, and I knew of the amazing teachers and opportunities available. I decided to go for it, and I’ve loved every second!

Q: How was your freshman year?

A: While I was a bit insecure in the first semester of classes (let’s be honest: all of us are insecure when we’re put in a new environment), I quickly met people that became life-long friends. From then on, my freshman year was incredible!

Q: What are your favorite classes/programs/clubs/sports at Tri-City Prep? Why?

A: In my entire high-school education, my favorite class was US History with Mrs. Schafer. Not only did she teach the material in a way we could understand, but she motivated us to change the world through our knowledge of history. She helped me reach my full potential, and I looked forward to the class every day of my sophomore year. I was also able to do Cross-Country for my first three years of high-school. While I wasn’t exactly excited for every practice, I loved the Cross-Country meets and the personal competition to beat your best score. It was a wonderful experience.

Q: Have you done anything notable outside of school?

A: I have a very busy schedule outside of school, and I am so blessed to have amazing opportunities open up to me in my life. To pick one, I am currently working with a non-profit organization that gives child-slaves an education in the Ivory Coast called WELL Africa. I was recently put in charge of a campaign to build a school in the country, and I am so excited! I will also have the opportunity to go to the Ivory Coast within the next two years, where I will be able to work hand-in-hand with the children to magnify their educational opportunities. I can’t wait to see how many kids will have the blessing of an education!

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A Matter of Principal

By Phoebe Payne

Our fifth and final teacher appreciation article is a little different from the others. For this, we interviewed probably the most prominent member of the Tri-City Prep staff: our principal. Both an administrator and a teacher, Mrs. Keri Milliken certainly has a lot to say about the school and her past experiences.

As far as her experience, she’s been at TCP since its opening. Milliken grew up around the bay area of San Francisco, where her passion for teaching, especially the English language, was nurtured early. After gaining college education in these fields, she spent some more time in the bay area before coming to Arizona to join the TCP staff.

Milliken always knew she wanted to be a teacher. As a child, she would set up small ‘classes’ and teach the other children in her neighborhood. Clearly, she pursued this into adulthood, as well as other childhood interests.

These childhood interests also happen to be what she teaches. Shakespeare was her first love, as her mother used to read it to her as a young girl until she was old enough to read it herself. She will be teaching this class next year.

She alternates each year between teaching her passions, with this year being dedicated to film studies. She states that she cannot remember exactly when she developed a taste for cinema, only that it had been a constant in her life since her youth. In this class, movie culture is taught, as well as cinematography, well-known and acclaimed movies, and more.  Continue reading

An Eye for Design: Career Opportunities in Interior Design

By Virginia Riley

When someone is redecorating their room, or even their house, do you often know exactly what color to use for the walls, where something should go, or can tell when something does not fit in a room? Maybe you should think about a career in interior design.

One of the perks of being an interior designer is that you get to have a creative output as a job, which also meant that you need to have creative talent. A big part is the eye for color because when you are painting a room you do not want the color schemes to clash. Another thing is painting; there is a lot of painting, stenciling, laying flooring, arranging objects in a neat fashion, etc. involved in the job.

The part of the job that does not require any creative talent is communication. In order to successfully perform your job, you have to be able to communicate with the client and understand what they want you to do. Even though it seems all painting and remodeling, it is really a service job, just with more colors. Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Week: It’s Math-a-Magical Class with Mrs. Winters

By Devon Bonelli

Mrs. Winters is TCP’s premier math teacher for Algebra II, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, and College Algebra. She is constantly students’ favorite because of her, “smiling and the feeling that she is there to help,” as Amanda Bertsch has said. She absolutely loves teaching, especially Algebra and Trigonometry.

Teaching always influences teachers’ lives, and Mrs. Winters is no exception. She said that it has “allowed me to be with my family, which is always a bonus!” When her kids were younger, her teaching background gave her the freedom to stay home and tutor. “I had a very active tutoring business for a good five years here in the Quad-City Area,” she said. Additionally, she commented that it “keeps me young! It keeps me in touch with this generation of kids, and I really enjoy being around young people.”

“Math is one of those subjects where the content doesn’t change, but I think you need to [put] the cookies on all the shelves,” She explains. “In my math classes, I have students where this is a student’s thing, and I also have students where it’s a struggle, especially upper-level math. I really try to explain things in a multitude of ways.” Continue reading