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Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Ms. Schaibly

By Colter Richardson

Today’s Teacher for Teacher Appreciation is Ms. Schaibly. This is her first year teaching at TCP, yet she is teaching a multitude of different classes, including Freshman English, Publications, Mock Trial, and Culinary Club.

When asked how it is teaching at TCP, she responded by saying, “It is wonderful, and easier than I thought it would be. I only had two mental breakdowns through the year.”

Next when asked what the most difficult part of teaching here, she said, “There are different expectations for each student so I have to include different content to make sure people understand.”

She then stated, “The best part of teaching here is the ability of the students and how motivated they are to learn.”

Lastly I asked how the publications class is, and she said, “Publications is a class I created as we went, and based it on the students. Is has been a significant, but positive, change than Freshman English. ”

A student who is taking all of Ms. Schaibly’s classes stated, “I think she is an amazing teacher. Her teaching strategies are unique and inventive, always keeping the students engaged.”


Dr. Lynn Oden: A Physicist to be Recognized

By Taylor Whittemore

Dr. Oden has been teaching at Tri-City Prep for the past eight years, and we would like to take a moment to appreciate all he has done from the school by getting to know him better.

Lynn Oden was born and raised in Anaheim. In high school, he played football and tennis. He was also an avid hiker; this is reflected in the fact that he has hiked to the top of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous US, multiple times. He attended Occidental College in Los Angeles.

He has been married to his wife Gail for forty-seven years, and they have two sons – Lance, a teacher in Texas, and Leif, a nurse in Seattle. They lived together in Taiwan for four years, which Dr. Oden said was great for their family. In 2005, they moved from Texas to Arizona. They also have a goddaughter named Silvana who used to be a foster child from Brazil. She is currently living in Texas.

Some students may not know that Dr. Oden worked with NASA as a navigator, tracking space shuttles by using radar data to calculate the shuttle’s position and velocity. In fact, Dr. Odin was in Mission Control when the Challenger blew up, and he had to remain in the room during the first stages of investigation into the cause of the accident. Continue reading

Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Mezeske

By Alexandre DuBroy

As part of a Denobis initiative to highlight Tri-City’s teachers, we focus this month on Ms. Mezeske, a math teacher here. Denobis caught up with her recently.

Ms. Mezeske is a math teacher at TCP who this year is covering Algebra 1, Geometry, Calc I and Calc II. She also teaches an advanced math class at Yavapai College, and she is proud to work with the Upward Bound program at Embry Riddle. Along with all of this, she is working on her masters in Human Relations at YC as well.

At TCP she sponsors a variety of clubs, including NHS and GSA. She says that she tries to attend sporting events whenever she can. She loves chaperoning the dances, having already done two this year. Here, she can break out her awesome dance moves that she picks up from her many hours spent doing Zumba. Outside of school she loves to be in nature, often hiking, swimming, and kayaking. She also says that she loves to hang out with her 88 year old father, and spend time doing activities with him.

When asked about what her favorite thing about TCP was, she replied that she loves the interaction with students. “My room is always full of activity, be it clubs, classes, math help, or students just spending time here.” She adds that the students are “Wonderful, and are so great at putting up with my strange ways!” Continue reading

The Pioneer of Modern Research Universities: Johns Hopkins

By Virginia Riley

Johns Hopkins is a private research university based in Baltimore, Maryland. The school has been ranked for a long time among the world’s top universities. They have five main campuses: Homewood, East Baltimore, Downtown Baltimore, one in Washington D.C., and one in Laurel, Maryland.

Homewood houses the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, and School of Engineering. East Baltimore has the School of Nursing, School of Medicine, and the School of Public Health. At the Downtown Baltimore campus there is the Peabody Institute and the School of Business. The Washington D.C. campus has the School of Advanced International Studies. At the Laurel, Maryland campus there is the Applied Physics Laboratory. Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Week: Mr. Burgess

2012-13BurgessBy Natalie Krafft and Evie Dunn

We finish teacher appreciation week by recognizing Mr. Burgess, who has been with Tri-City for four years and will be moving to Memphis next year. He will be sorely missed.

“He’s like the best teacher ever! He’s so funny.”
– Rebecca Kruse

“He’s the coolest teacher ever and he’s hilarious. He seems like he gets it.”
– Andy Worthington

“That man freakin’ rocks. I don’t know what else to say. He’s the best English teacher.”
– Ashley Nache

“He’s just really fun and he knows what he’s talking about.”
– Allegra Bodine

“Mr. Burgess has reinvented the humanities department at Tri-City. Without him, most of the students wouldn’t know how to write a proper essay. He teaches more than just the cookie-cutter lesson to push out essays. He helps students know why they are doing it, what makes it important. He brings greater meaning to every advertisement, sentence, and phrase. He will not only be missed, but remembered.”

-Kelcie Kruse

Tri-City really appreciates what you have given to us and will most definitely miss you when you’re gone, Mr. Burgess. Thank you for all your hard work.