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Teacher of the Month: Mr. Wamsley

By Gavin Sampson


Mr. Wamsley is one of Tri-City Prep’s most experienced teachers. He has been with the school since it was still on the Embry Riddle campus. He has also coached girls’ basketball for almost his entire career. He is preparing to retire soon, so his time here will soon come to a close. However, his legacy will continue even after he leaves Tri-City.

Rebecca Winters described Mr. Wamsley as “a very inspirational coach, and a very productive and cheerful teacher.”

Mr. Wamsley has been teaching for 19 years; 14 of those years have been with TCP. When asked why he decided to teach history and economics and he said that he has always enjoyed history and what it can teach us.

Kameron Ray said, “He’s kind of strict, but he is fun; and that makes him a good teacher.”

Mr. Wamsley joined the Tri-City staff when the school was still at Embry Riddle. He said he joined because the students at TCP were very driven and really wanted to learn. He added that he has greatly enjoyed teaching at Tri-City.

Danny Calzada spoke about Mr. Wamsley and said, “Mr. Wamsley is a really cool teacher. He is really chill and smart.”

After he retires, Mr. Wamsley is thinking of travelling and possibly buying a boat to sail in. He also wanted to say before he left that “You all have been great students, and I have really enjoyed my time here”.



A Matter of Principal

By Phoebe Payne

Our fifth and final teacher appreciation article is a little different from the others. For this, we interviewed probably the most prominent member of the Tri-City Prep staff: our principal. Both an administrator and a teacher, Mrs. Keri Milliken certainly has a lot to say about the school and her past experiences.

As far as her experience, she’s been at TCP since its opening. Milliken grew up around the bay area of San Francisco, where her passion for teaching, especially the English language, was nurtured early. After gaining college education in these fields, she spent some more time in the bay area before coming to Arizona to join the TCP staff.

Milliken always knew she wanted to be a teacher. As a child, she would set up small ‘classes’ and teach the other children in her neighborhood. Clearly, she pursued this into adulthood, as well as other childhood interests.

These childhood interests also happen to be what she teaches. Shakespeare was her first love, as her mother used to read it to her as a young girl until she was old enough to read it herself. She will be teaching this class next year.

She alternates each year between teaching her passions, with this year being dedicated to film studies. She states that she cannot remember exactly when she developed a taste for cinema, only that it had been a constant in her life since her youth. In this class, movie culture is taught, as well as cinematography, well-known and acclaimed movies, and more.  Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Week: It’s Math-a-Magical Class with Mrs. Winters

By Devon Bonelli

Mrs. Winters is TCP’s premier math teacher for Algebra II, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, and College Algebra. She is constantly students’ favorite because of her, “smiling and the feeling that she is there to help,” as Amanda Bertsch has said. She absolutely loves teaching, especially Algebra and Trigonometry.

Teaching always influences teachers’ lives, and Mrs. Winters is no exception. She said that it has “allowed me to be with my family, which is always a bonus!” When her kids were younger, her teaching background gave her the freedom to stay home and tutor. “I had a very active tutoring business for a good five years here in the Quad-City Area,” she said. Additionally, she commented that it “keeps me young! It keeps me in touch with this generation of kids, and I really enjoy being around young people.”

“Math is one of those subjects where the content doesn’t change, but I think you need to [put] the cookies on all the shelves,” She explains. “In my math classes, I have students where this is a student’s thing, and I also have students where it’s a struggle, especially upper-level math. I really try to explain things in a multitude of ways.” Continue reading

Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Ms. Schaibly

By Colter Richardson

Today’s Teacher for Teacher Appreciation is Ms. Schaibly. This is her first year teaching at TCP, yet she is teaching a multitude of different classes, including Freshman English, Publications, Mock Trial, and Culinary Club.

When asked how it is teaching at TCP, she responded by saying, “It is wonderful, and easier than I thought it would be. I only had two mental breakdowns through the year.”

Next when asked what the most difficult part of teaching here, she said, “There are different expectations for each student so I have to include different content to make sure people understand.”

She then stated, “The best part of teaching here is the ability of the students and how motivated they are to learn.”

Lastly I asked how the publications class is, and she said, “Publications is a class I created as we went, and based it on the students. Is has been a significant, but positive, change than Freshman English. ”

A student who is taking all of Ms. Schaibly’s classes stated, “I think she is an amazing teacher. Her teaching strategies are unique and inventive, always keeping the students engaged.”

Dr. Lynn Oden: A Physicist to be Recognized

By Taylor Whittemore

Dr. Oden has been teaching at Tri-City Prep for the past eight years, and we would like to take a moment to appreciate all he has done from the school by getting to know him better.

Lynn Oden was born and raised in Anaheim. In high school, he played football and tennis. He was also an avid hiker; this is reflected in the fact that he has hiked to the top of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous US, multiple times. He attended Occidental College in Los Angeles.

He has been married to his wife Gail for forty-seven years, and they have two sons – Lance, a teacher in Texas, and Leif, a nurse in Seattle. They lived together in Taiwan for four years, which Dr. Oden said was great for their family. In 2005, they moved from Texas to Arizona. They also have a goddaughter named Silvana who used to be a foster child from Brazil. She is currently living in Texas.

Some students may not know that Dr. Oden worked with NASA as a navigator, tracking space shuttles by using radar data to calculate the shuttle’s position and velocity. In fact, Dr. Odin was in Mission Control when the Challenger blew up, and he had to remain in the room during the first stages of investigation into the cause of the accident. Continue reading