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Teacher Appreciation Week: Mr. Burgess

2012-13BurgessBy Natalie Krafft and Evie Dunn

We finish teacher appreciation week by recognizing Mr. Burgess, who has been with Tri-City for four years and will be moving to Memphis next year. He will be sorely missed.

“He’s like the best teacher ever! He’s so funny.”
– Rebecca Kruse

“He’s the coolest teacher ever and he’s hilarious. He seems like he gets it.”
– Andy Worthington

“That man freakin’ rocks. I don’t know what else to say. He’s the best English teacher.”
– Ashley Nache

“He’s just really fun and he knows what he’s talking about.”
– Allegra Bodine

“Mr. Burgess has reinvented the humanities department at Tri-City. Without him, most of the students wouldn’t know how to write a proper essay. He teaches more than just the cookie-cutter lesson to push out essays. He helps students know why they are doing it, what makes it important. He brings greater meaning to every advertisement, sentence, and phrase. He will not only be missed, but remembered.”

-Kelcie Kruse

Tri-City really appreciates what you have given to us and will most definitely miss you when you’re gone, Mr. Burgess. Thank you for all your hard work.


Teacher Appreciation Week: Mrs. Schafer

2012-13SchaferBy Evie Dunn

For Teacher Appreciation week, TCP is commending the teachers for their work, and appreciating them for all they do.

“She’s really positive and upbeat about everything. She’s always willing to help our class out tons. She’s such a sweet person!”
-Klara Kottke

“She’s such a great teacher, and she’s always there for the students no matter what, and we really love that.”
-Sydney Keller

“She’s so fantastic, she was my student teacher in middle school actually and she’s been so great to all of us, it was a real privilege to have her.”
-Caroline Ward

“She’s extremely relatable to the students. She’s so nice and caring, I love her.”
-Catie Hoekstra

“Team Schafer! She’s so relatable; we loved having her.”
-Katie Bucklein and Mary Hargrove

“She’s so nice, I’ve only met her a few times but I can really tell she’s a genuine caring person.”
-Natalie Krafft

A huge thank you from the students to Mrs. Schafer for being a part of the TCP community!

Teacher Appreciation Week: Mr. Wamsley

2012-13WamsleyBy Natalie Krafft

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation, we have some student quotes about Mr. Wamsley.

“Mr. Wam-Wam is an awesome History teacher. I really like learning about World War II.”
-Dustin Dutcher

“He seems to enjoy teaching a lot. He’s always excited to teach us something new.”
-Hannah Hurtado

“He disciplines yet is fun. He’s just so chill and rarely gets angry.”
-Bryanna Allen

Thanks for all you do Mr. Wamsley! Tri-City really appreciates it!

Teacher Appreciation Week: Mrs. Muchna

2012-13MuchnaBy Kelcie Kruse

Since it is teacher appreciation week, Denobis will be doing a spotlight on a few teachers throughout the week. These comments are from the students that these teachers stand by and befriend every day.

“Mrs. Muchna is by far one of my favorite teachers that I have ever had. More than that, she is a friend and role model. She’s so passionate about her work and her students, which has been especially inspiring to me and to all of us. I’m a better, richer person to have known her and spent time with her.”
-Sarah Cramer

“Mrs. Muchna is nice and helpful. She is forgiving and finds the best in people.”
-Elizabeth Wilcken

“She’s like my mom away from home. She always looks out for me and I can go to her with anything. She helped me through the most terrifying situation in my life and held me when I cried. She’s more than a teacher and mentor, she’s an adviser, listener, and guide. Without Mrs. Muchna TCP wouldn’t be the same; She’s a major part of it and helps us grow every day.”
-Rebecca Kruse

“Mrs. Muchna has been an inspiration to me and a mentor in my pursuit of a career in science. She has taught me that it is possible to give 100% in all areas of my work and always be compassionate in everything I do. It doesn’t matter if it is five minutes of five hours, Mrs. Muchna is there showing how proud she is of her TCP students and continues to support us in our endeavors.”
-Blair Willette