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Creative Writing Shares Their Works

At Tri-City Prep, there is a group of students who make up the Creative Writing club. These students meet on Wednesday every week to discuss their writing and criticize the writing of their peers.

A couple weeks ago they decided to undergo a project where they would post a chapter of an ongoing story every couple of weeks. Each student would write a chapter and introduce new characters, and then the person with the next chapter would pick one of those characters and write from their perspective.

The first chapter is up. It is under the Extras tab on the menu. From there, you should get a drop down menu with Creative Writing. There you can find their collective story and a couple of nature writings done by individuals in the club.


How to Submit Your Work to Denobis

  1. Your subject can be about anything, as long as it is school-appropriate and not offensive. (However, memes should specifically be about life at Tri-City Prep.)
  2. The content must be your own work.
  3. You may enter art, photography, recorded music, short films, poems, short stories, or memes that you have created.
  4. You may  submit more than one piece, but please limit yourself to three per month.
  5. Your work must be submitted to along with your full name and grade. The Editor in Chief, the Features Editor, and Mr. Burgess will review and judge it.
  6. Student work will be displayed on a monthly basis.

Please note that the decision to post your work is entirely at the judgement of the Denobis staff. Reasons why your work might not be published include: it does not meet the guidelines above, it does not exhibit the quality to which Denobis aspires, or there are too many pieces to publish all of them.

Thank you for your submission!