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Spirits Soar at TCP as Students Enjoy Spirit Week

By Anna Flurry

 The week of Monday, April 2, or Spirit Week for the students of Tri-City Prep, was a time for dancing, dressing up, and celebrating the individuality of students at TCP. Spirit Week was a huge success as teachers and students alike celebrated and expressed their pride in TCP.

The Spring Semester Spirit Week featured a mismatch day, crazy hair day, movie character day, and decades day. The entire school participated in the festivities, and the week was concluded with the high-energy Spring Fling.

“My favorite day for dressing up was movie character day because I was able to wear my Snow White costume.” said Amanda Romaine, senior.

“I really enjoyed mismatch day because you got to really go all out and crazy with it,” said freshman Danielle Freeman.

Shailin Crary, a junior, said, “I liked crazy hair day the best because a lot of people participated and the crazy hair provoked a lot of laughter throughout the day.”

School spirit was also an important part of Spirit Week, and people had many different ideas about the level of school spirit at TCP.

“School spirit at TCP has always just been about an individual taking opportunities to dress up, not actually enthusiastic about the school,” said John Wicus, senior.

Freeman thought school spirit was intermediate. “Some people were crazy, but most didn’t even dress up.”

 “There can ALWAYS be more school spirit,” said Romaine, “but I think that there were a good number of people participating in this particular spirit week.”
“I think it could be worthwhile if people took its meaning seriously,” said Marisa Magdaleno, senior. “They [should] dress up as an act of showing true school spirit instead of dressing up just because they’re allowed to dress funny.”

However, many agreed that the activities were still meaningful.

“I think it’s a great way to show your personality, individualism, and creativity,” said Freeman.

It “keep(s) up moral,” said Nathaniel Trujillo, freshman, and it “gets us though the semester.”

Teachers also dressed up during the week, bringing an air of festivity and amusement to the student body.

It “increased spirit for students,” said Trujillo. The teachers provided a “great influence and laughs.”

“The teachers looked great!” said Romaine. “Mrs. Winters looked exactly like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and Mrs. Milliken made an excellent Tinkerbell.”

“I enjoy when the teachers dress up because it helps break past the student-teacher relationship,” said Freeman. “We can all have fun together just as people.”

The Spring Fling was also a featured event during the week.

“I am looking forward to Spring Fling,” said Romaine before the occasion. “Dances are always a good time to see friends and relax.”

“I was looking forward to the Spring Fling, and this was the best dance I have ever been to,” said Crary after the dance. “Mostly because the teachers danced including Mr. P and the old music was fun to attempt to dance to.”


World Religions Class Thoroughly Enjoys Trip to Mosque and Cultural Center

By Luqa Hoffiz

On February 29th, Tri City Prep’s World Religions class went on a field trip to Tempe to visit a mosque, eat at an Arabic restaurant, and tour The Chinese Cultural Center.

As the students filed into the white and navy mosque near the Tempe ASU campus, they removed their shoes in the foyer as a sanitary precaution. One of the members of the mosque led them into the prayer room. There, the students asked him many questions about Islam in general. The questions ranged from what Muslims believed about the afterlife, abortion, and The Ten Commandments to Jesus Christ, Isaac and Ishmael, and the Hajj to Mecca. Mr. Batzli and Mr. Bytes asked a lot of questions as well. He compared and contrasted the two main sects of Islam, Sunni and Shia. He showed how Muslims pray five times a day with their heads bowed to the carpet. He also explained the dietary laws and the importance of a healthy body to a Muslim. As the students stared in awe at the beautiful Arabic calligraphy in scripted on the dome, he described its meanings.

The class then entered a library on the first floor of the mosque to view the many of the Islamic prophets’ books. The class learned about how paranoid the government is towards Muslims in America. The class gained respect for Islam from this experience.

Due to time constraints, the class hurried out of the mosque to walk next door to the Phoenician Cafe. The students were amazed at the different exotic foods on the menu and were excited to try something new. While the students waited for their food, they relaxed while sitting on cushions in the outside section of the cafe. While the warm breeze swirled around the students, they felt like they were in the Middle East, and the bright Mediterranean-styled white furniture and the navy tent above them added to the Arabian atmosphere. Smells of fresh vegetables and mouthwatering meat wafted around the café The students tried sweets such as Baklava and Turkish Delight. The class soon realized that all good things must come to an end, and the stuffed students sluggishly entered the vans. The class raved about how delectable the Arabic food was.

“The food was great! And the hummus was to die for,” said Ian Winski.

“Dude, I loved the lamb, and I was so content with the contents of my stomach,” said Weston Parmelee.

The students then walked around the Chinese Cultural Center to learn about culture. First, they wandered around the beautiful garden complete with a pond filled with koi. There were many entrances and stone markers with engraved Chinese characters.

“The garden felt like I was in Mulan,” said Catie Hoekstra.

After taking silly pictures with statues of fat men rubbing their bellies and failed attempts of pushing Ryan Deckard into the pond, the class entered the Chinese Food Store and the smell of fish hit their noses. They wandered along the aisles and discovered many new foods.  Some were delicious, and some were not.  Emily Stanfill found some exotic tea, Ryan Deckard found Chinese “chocolate cigars”, Nathan Dodge found an assortment of biscuits, and Clay Reed found an interesting Peach flavored pop. Ashley Nache, Shailin Crary, and Ian Winski were shocked with the different fish heads, cow intestines, and fat octopi that were sold in the market. Emily Stanfill, Ryan Deckard, and Aaron Stroud walked to a little Chinese gift shop. The smell of strong incense was prevalent, but the trio found some interesting items. There were Chinese war swords, jade necklaces, bamboo, and traditional Chinese outfits.

“The war swords were awesome,” said Aaron Stroud. “I wish I visited that shop outside of a school trip so I could buy one.”

The students unanimously agreed that the field trip was a blast, and that it was an educational experience for them.

“The field trip to Phoenix was great,” said Patrick O’Connor. “It was one of those rare trips where I learned a lot while having a fun time with my class.”

Number, Prizes, and Pi; Who Could Ask For More?

By: Kelly Stoddard


On Thursday, March 8th, Tri-City Prep celebrated “Pi Day” all day with pie, competition, and games.  Pi Day was an educational day with a fun twist, and everybody seemed to have a good time. Pie was also sold in the cafeteria in celebration of the occasion.

“I had a great time, because it was educational and delicious!”  said freshman Lexie Lucas.

One of the activities during the day was the memorization of pi.  Many people only know pi as simply as 3.14, but, Nick Magdeleno won the pi memorization by reciting 134 of digits in pi.

“I started studying the pi digits around 8:30 that day, and studied until lunch.  The first time I got 27 digits, but I begged for another chance and I got 134 digits,”  said Madeleno.

Freshman Danielle Freeman thought Pi Day “was a blast and that the memorization of pi was the most incredible part!”
TCP began celebrating Pi Day two years ago as a fun way to get students interested in math and pie. Pi Day is officially on March 14 (3.14) each year and is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. Each year it is a school favorite that sparks interest in math if only for that day.

“Pi Day was a great way for kids to learn and have fun at the same time… It was awesome that students at TCP are open enough that they can just chill out and enjoy such an activity,” said Anna Flurry.

Pi Day was greatly appreciated and overall, the TCP students seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks to teachers and the participation of Tri City Students, Pi Day had a big impact with aspects of education and fun.


NHS Shows Tri City a Night of Talent, Surprises, and Laughs

Daniel Couthran plays the piano for the talent show

 By Patrick O’Connor

On February 2nd, 2012, Tri-City Prep’s National Honor Society treated the Tri-City area to a night of talent and fun. For only three dollars guests were treated to fantastic talent and delicious handmade dessert. With all the money going to a local charity, the night of poetry, music, dance, and comedy was a huge success.

 Many unique people preformed for the show to support High Country Early Intervention, a Prescott charity that supports kids with disabilities. They showcased acts like an original song by Sarah Cramer, comedic lip syncing by Nick Magdaleno, and solo piano by Daniel Couthran. Students weren’t the only participants however, physics teacher Dr. Oden comically recited poetry while dressed as a clown. Even the masters of ceremonies KarenAnn Mancha and John Dery were funny.

 “We tried to be so corny that every act would look amazing,” said John Dery, “But we decided to just be ourselves.”

 Many of the performers were happy to contribute to such a noble cause and enjoyed performing their talents.

“The talent show was a great opportunity to help contribute to your school as well as to a great charity organization,” said pianist Daniel Couthran, “The talent was incredible and it was such an honor to be a part of it.”