Senior Pages Available Now!!

Froot Loops wants a Senior Page too

By Patrick O’Connor

 Hey you! Yeah, you- the person that is reading this article, and is enthralled with the ability of my writing. Senior pages are now available for purchase! So you might be asking yourself, “What’s a senior page?”. Well, I have the answer. Do you like collages? I mean, who doesn’t? Collages are awesome. Well, now you can pay to have your own collage of photos for the yearbook.

 Now that I got you all excited, you’re thinking that there must be some kind of catch. Senior pages have to be about a senior at Tri City Prep. Now, I know that half of my readers are disappointed because they were hoping to put a collage of their cat Fruit Loops in the yearbook. You and Fruit Loops must have a very special relationship, so I think you should keep that to your journal or that creepy internet site that puts captions on pictures of cats. You might be thinking, “I’m a senior, or a parent of a senior, so my Fruit Loops collage may see the light of day.” Sorry to shoot you down, but it has to be of the senior. I know, details, details.

 “I’ve always wanted to be famous and have my picture in a book,” says John Dery. “Now I finally have this unique opportunity! Do you love me now Mama?”

 So now, let’s get down to the brass tacks. Senior pages are on sale. They are half page collages that cost $50. They are on sale now through February 23rd, but and they are on a first come first serve basis. Contact Keri Milliken at, or Matt Halvorson at for more details.


Blair Takes the Reigns!

Blair Wilette (Photo by Taylor Ryan)

Aubrey Thompson

Most students here at Tri-City Prep know Blair Willete, a junior. Willete is currently involved in National Honor Society, National Math Honors Society (Mu Alpha Theta), she is the Vice President of the junior class, as well as the president of Junior Lions Society. But what people don’t know about Willete is that she rides in reining competitions and is quite good at it.

Reining is a sport where the rider guides the horse through a course of precise patterns of circles, spins, and stops all at different speeds.

Willete became interested in the sport and has been reining for over 6 years now. Competing in these tournaments requires a lot of time and commitment. Willete travels once a week to Phoenix to meet with her trainer, practices everyday after school until sunset, and uses all her spare time to ride on her horse- “Whizin In the Dirt”.

Willete has won many titles and championships in her reining courier. She is currently the President of National Reining Horse youth Association (NRHYA). Willete qualified for Adequan North American Affiliate Championships, and won the National Reining Horse Association’s Southwest Regional Affiliate Youth Finals. She also is the current 14-18 youth champion of Desert Reining Horse Association and youth champion of Arizona Reining Horse Association, and she won the youth championship at the High Roller Reining Classic in Las Vegas. But even with all these titles and accomplishments, Willete pushes to go further and further. She challenges herself to do better everyday.

Tri-City Prep of course also requires a lot of time and commitment to stay on top  of assignments and deadlines. Between high school, her college class, practice, and competitions, Willete is a very busy 16-year-old.

“[Reining] has really made me sharpen my time-management skills so I can handle everything,” said Willette.

“Reining really only affects my school when I have a show during the week and I have to miss school for it,” she said. “However, it is really school that affects my riding right now. Usually I have to leave right after school so I can get home so I have enough time to ride before it gets dark or before I have to leave for my college class.”

When asked if she had a college picked out yet Willete said, “I don’t have my exact college picked out yet. I don’t really want to go in-state. I would love to go somewhere on the east coast.” However, the topic of college brought up the difficult decision that will have to be made on whether or not to compete in reining during her college years.

“I’ve thought about reining in college a lot, but I have decided not to. This decision was hard to make because I love the sport. I believe that with the major that I [am] choosing for college, I wouldn’t have the time to commit to both school and reining.” Willete has already received a few scholarships and is applying to more colleges that involve reining horses next year.

Tri City Students Enjoy Another Amazing Year at RYLA

Eric Schulze, Emily Beaman, and Catie Hoekstra make friends at RYLA by displaying their awesome muscles for all to admire.

By: Sabrina Flick

             Over the weekend of January 14th eight Tri City students had the privilege to attend RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. RYLA is a weekend camp each year held at Camp Pinerock and rotary clubs across northern Arizona sponsored teenage students to attend the camp, during which the attendees learned valuable life lessons and leadership techniques.

            The camp was attended by one hundred and twenty delegates, including Emily Beaman, Emily Bowen, Sabrina Flick, Jacob Holevar, Catie Hoekstra, Kelsie Kruse, Eric Schulze, and Levi Sylvester from Tri City.

            Attendees arrived the afternoon of Friday the 13th, and as delegates were sorted into groups as they arrived, each of which contained a foreign exchange student, and the group was accordingly named after the home country of the exchange student. The groups were also sorted so that no group contained any two people who previously knew each other, forcing the attendants to build better communication skills.        

            “I learned a lot about how to communicate with other people, how to be a better leader, and tips on how to give better speeches.” said Beaman.

            After the delegates had settled in to their dorms, they had dinner, and then attended a seminar led by Jerry Traylor, a motivational speaker. Traylor was born with cerebral palsy, but has climbed Pike’s Peak three times, competed in thirty five marathons, and run 3,528 miles from San Francisco to New York City, all on crutches. Traylor was an inspiration to all delegates, showing that anything is possible.

            “Jerry Traylor is a really good influence. He is very inspirational to others and despite his disabilities, Jerry ran across America proving to others that disabilities can’t stop you.” said John Dery, a delegate from two years ago.

            The rest of the weekend passed with team building exercises, leadership building exercises, and more speakers, such as the first Arizona Suns gorilla mascot. Activities included a high ropes course, a challenge course, multiple seminars on things ranging from personality type to ethical decisions.

            “I thought it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about how to become a better leader. It has changed the way I look at leadership and responsibility and I know to take them more seriously know.” Said Eric Schulze.  

            It was a life changing experience for all who attended, and will be for anyone who attends in the future. For those who wish to attend, contact your local rotary club or check online at

Tri City Ends the First Semester by Partying It Up at Freedom Station

By Taylor Whittemore

 Last Thursday night, on January 19, Freedom Station hosted a party for the students of Tri-City Prep in celebration of the end of finals. It lasted from 5:00-8:00, and quite a few students showed up, most accompanied by their families.

 Freedom Station provided two slices of cheese pizza and a small drink. Emily Andreasky and Elizabeth Wilcken, both freshmen, agree that the food was good.

 Wilcken said that she “golfed… and hung out with friends”. She also mentioned that her favorite part was “getting to see [everybody].”

 Andreasky agrees. “We had pizza and played games and just had tons of fun,” she said. Andreasky’s favorite part was also “hanging out with all my friends”.

 Amanda McGuire mentioned “the photo booth was fun”. This was one of many activities and games available to the students of TCP.

 Freshman Emily Schulze said her favorite part, along with Wilcken and Andreasky, was “hanging out with friends.” This seems to have been a dominant part of the night at Freedom Station.

 Schulze also mentioned a worker who had a bullhorn. At random intervals, he would announce ski ball competitions and wheel spins.

 Both Wilcken and Andreasky agree that it was a success. “It was pretty much what I expected,” said Wilcken. “I expected a great turn out and that happened… it was a lot of fun,” said Andreasky.

 When asked about her family’s thoughts, Andreasky said, “they thought it was a lot of fun and a good way to get all of TCP together.”

 Overall, almost everyone said that they would attend if there was to be another one next year.

TCP Students to Audition for the Northern Arizona Regional Orchestra

The 2011 Regionals Orchestra performance at NAU. Photo courtesy of the Daily Courier

By: Alexes Niekamp

There are many talented young students at Tri-City College Prep High School who are involved in our fine arts program. Regionals orchestra auditions are coming up very soon. Mrs. Terauchi our school’s music teacher said, “Regionals orchestra is when students get the chance to go audition for ensembles that all Northern Arizona high school students come together for three days to learn music. The students try out and judges choose the best of the students and with those students create a band/orchestra. They work very hard, once they are picked they have to rehearse with their band/orchestra three days a week Thursday night, Friday night and all day Saturday. Most of the time, the orchestras and bands that the judges have are one hundred students from all over Northern Arizona. Anybody is allowed to audition, but tryouts are a very rigorous process. Regionals Orchestra takes place in Kingman, Arizona at Kingman High School, this Saturday January 28th. We have four very talented students who have the courage and strength to try out for regionals orchestra.”

            “I am auditioning with the violin. The violins were given three different pieces to practice: Overture from “Prometheus” by Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 4 by Franz Schubert, and Scheherazade by Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov. They are very challenging pieces but it’s been a lot of fun to learn them and it’s an amazing experience to be able to audition for regionals in Kingman.” Said Amanda Romaine, a senior, auditioned last year and made it.

Jacob Levin, a junior, is looking forward to the opportunity and is extremely “excited to audition for regionals.”

Stephanie Worstein, a sophomore, also auditioned last year and made it said, “I am playing violin and am doing the regular tryout sheet music. I am excited because I was in it last year so I will get to see all of my friends that were in it with me.”

Anna Flurry, a junior, said, “I am playing the viola and David, a volunteer has been coming in to help us with our pieces, which has been very helpful.”

Mrs. Terauchi said, “Auditions are this Saturday, January 28th and we will just have to see how it goes.”

Let’s wish these very talented students luck on their auditions and trips to and from Kingman this weekend.