The Twilight Series: Breaking Dawn Part 1



By: Alexes Niekamp

The midnight premiere of “Breaking Dawn” had an excellent turn out with many different people. Some were dressed up for the movie; some wore Harry Potter outfits; some were in pajamas; others were just in everyday clothes. Surprisingly, many people from Tri-City showed up to stand in line after the fall concert, art show, and science fair, but many also stayed home.

Every half an hour, the movie theater staff opened one movie theater and let a certain amount of people in. In the end, they had five theaters opened up for the premiere, and every theater was basically full. At 10:30pm and 11:30pm the staff came into each theater and asked trivia questions about the movie series. If you answered the question right, you received a bag with a souvenir cup for 2012, a popcorn shirt for 2012, and a pair of movie passes.  Once 11:45 hit many were in their seats ready to watch the movie.

The movie had a different impact on each and every one of the people there. Katelyn Fiske (sophomore) said, “It wasn’t the best out of the whole series but the midnight premiere experience was fun!”

Many agreed with her, but there was also the same amount that didn’t.

“The movie was okay. Some parts were gruesome, like I actually thought she was dead how they were showing it through the movie, but they did a good job from conveying parts from the book to the movie. [Even though] it wasn’t my favorite out the movies,” said Stephanie Worstein.  The movie was definitely not a movie that families should go to together with their young children because there were a couple risky scenes. However, everyone was very entertained and enjoyed the movie a lot.

It was a howling fangtastic experience for all!


The Unfortunate Demise of Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble Bookstore

By Patrick O’Connor

 Many citizens of Prescott were sad to hear that the Barnes & Noble store in The Prescott Gateway Mall was closing. As of December 31, 2011, the branch will close and will be receiving very few shipments of new material. The Barnes & Noble was there since the mall’s opening ten years ago and never showed any signs of shutting down. Customers were often in the store sipping coffee and purchasing new books. People are wondering why this store will close.

 A petition was mailed by shoppers to the store to express their opposition. However, the reason the store is closing is a financial issue.

 Sandra Page, the manager of the book store said, “Barnes & Noble could not negotiate the lease with the mall.”

 The company that owns The Gateway Mall, Maerich, has a different story. An anonymous Maerich employee said that Maerich did everything they could to keep Barnes & Noble in business.

 “This has nothing to do with Maerich or the Prescott Gateway Mall,” said the anonymous employee.

 Looking at the market from the wider view helps gain different perspectives of Barnes & Noble’s demise. Borders, one of their biggest competitors, recently declared bankruptcy and is closing 226 of its stores. Barnes & Noble and Borders have also been affected by a new rival, ebooks. When Amazon launched its Kindle on November 19, 2007, Barnes & Noble’s stock dropped nine percent that year, and is steadily declining due to the popularity of e-readers. The thing that separates Barnes & Noble from Borders is their ability to adapt to this technology. Borders had no real solution to the ebook problem, while Barnes & Noble released their own e-reader, The Nook. The Nook is one of Kindle’s biggest rivals, and sets a new direction for the company.

 So now that the biggest bookstore in Prescott will soon be gone, people are wondering where to buy books. However, there are still independent bookstores in Prescott such as The Book Nook and Anchor Books. Hastings, one of the stores, also sells new releases in Prescott. For even cheaper books people could shop at Paperback City, a used book store. There is still the library to access books from all over the country. The library also delivers material right to Tri City Prep.

TCP Students Perform in Fiddler on the Roof with the Lonesome Valley Playhouse

By: Alexes Niekamp

Fiddler on the Roof by Lonesome Valley Playhouse had a great turn out. The cast of Fiddler on the Roof was very talented and ranged from ages 6-79 years old.

The oldest member of the cast, Herb Voss, who played the Rabbi said, “Shalom Aleikhem wrote the stories in the 1930’s that Fiddler on the Roof was based on and as we can see from the present day world civilization that Jews are still being displaced, but they can also maintain a sense of humor.” The youngest member of the cast was Audrey Calvert who played a villager said, “The sewing machine scene was my favorite.”

There were many different levels in the cast of 40. For some of the cast members, Fiddler on the Roof was their first play and others it was their 23rd or higher.

 Three of our own TCP students participated in this marvelous production; Morgan White (Sophomore) who played Avram in the play said, “I enjoyed dressing up like a guy, because it is fun and I enjoy making people laugh. My favorite part of the play was the comedy and I also enjoy socializing, I am a big drama queen so I fit in perfectly.”

Audrey Barbe (Senior) who played a Russian said, “It was a really good show, there were some very talented people in the cast. I am glad that people liked it because there was a lot of work put in to the show.”

Alexes Niekamp (Sophomore) who played Chava(the youngest of the oldest daughters) said, “I enjoyed playing the role of Chava, because she is a shy character and in real life I am not really shy, so it was a great experience to be something that I was not. Working with mostly adults is also way different from the plays that I am normally in. This may have been my 23rd play but, up to the shows I still got nervous. Lastly, I am glad that the cast had been able to work well together, which is what made the show even better.”

The youngest of the five daughters (Bielke) was played by Theresa Calvert who said, “It was fun having a couple of lines to say in the play and I really like Tamee Niekamp as a director.”

The play is basically about a poor milkman named Tevye who is struggling enough as it is, when it is time for his daughters to get married, and the girls are in need of a matchmaker.

Tevye, who was played by Brian Martinez, said, “According to Tevye: as the good book says, heal us oh Lord and we shall be healed.”   

During the play the oldest daughter Tzeitel gets married first. She was played by Emily Arnall who said, “I enjoyed being a star, talk to my agent.”

In the play the matchmaker tries to set Lazar Wolf (the butcher) and Tzeitel up, but Tzeitel has her eye on the tailor, Motel Kamzoil.

Marnie Uhl who played the matchmaker said about her experience in the play, “It was fun playing a character that there could be happiness ever after, because my character arranged marriages.”

Sal C. who played Lazar Wolf the butcher said, “What impressed me the most was how many whole families were involved in the play.”

Tevye has a wife named Golde in the play, who also has to deal with all of the challenges in Anatevka. Kimberly Neil who played Golde said, “I have been in Fiddler on the Roof four times and it is never going to lose its charm.”

The fiddler himself was played by Johan Glidden who said, “I have been playing the violin for eight years and this was the ideal musical that I would have wanted to participate in as a violinist. I have watched the movie several times and definitely was glad that I got the chance to participate.

The cast had been practicing since the middle of August. There had been many rehearsals and many people who care and love the play. The week of auditions was very hard for the director.

The assistant director, Tamee Niekamp said, “Auditions were good and it was really hard to cast because we had so many great performers. Our original Tevye (main character) that was cast had to be replaced due to his heart condition and was replaced by Brian Martinez, who was honored to take on the role of Tevye. Also the original Yente (matchmaker) had to be replaced when she was tragically killed; with a great and loyal attitude Marnie Uhl, Chamber of Commerce in PrescottValley, became Yente the matchmaker, who was the person who encouraged the original Yente to tryout. The other directors and I were very honored to meet and get to know the originals a little bit. I was glad to have such an amazing cast; Fiddler on the Roof was an amazing show.”

The backstage manager, Annabelle Veatch said, “I loved being the backstage manager, it was so much fun, but sometimes it got a little crazy.”

Fiddler on the Roof was on Broadway in 1964 and soon after became a film in 1971. This play/movie takes place in 1905, inAnatevka,Russia. The movie/play shows and teaches a lot about what went on during that time and all of the traditions that they had. It is a happy, sad and heartfelt story, that keeps you entertained and wondering what is going to happen next.

The shows were on October 21st, 22nd, and the 23rd at Franklin Phonetics School in Prescott Valley. The tickets sold very well and there were about 200 people per show, and the play is still talked about to this day. The cast of Fiddler on the Roof experienced many mazeltov’s and traditions that they had never encountered before! Good job cast of Fiddler on the Roof!

Ecuador Gets a Taste of Tri City Through Isabella Ballard

Isabella Ballard poses with her classmates outside their school in Ecuador

By Anna Flurry

Leaving home can be tough but rewarding. Just ask Isabella Ballard who is living in Ecuador for a year as an exchange student. Working with the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, Ballard flew to Ecuador, ready for adventure. She knew she would be learning a completely different language, making new friends, and living with strangers.

“Living with a host family was really different at first,” Ballard says, “I felt like I was invading the family and not


part of the family. That feeling only lasted a day.” Ballard notes that she now feels like she is part of the family. She says she calls her host parents “Mom” and “Dad.”

The language is also barrier. “I did not really know any Spanish when I got here,” says Ballard, “But I am learning fast. I can talk to people now.”

Ballard comments that many people try to speak English with her.  She says that she appreciated this at first, but now she asks that people speak Spanish to help her learn the language.

The people in Ecuador are very kind but Ballard also pointed out, “Everyone stares as you when you walk by but we [exchange students do] look different.”

Ballard and other foreign exchange students flash their home flags and show their excitement to be involved

She said the Ecuadorian clothes and styles are mostly the same, but “I still look different in what I wear, like short pants and tank tops.”

“It is like elementary school, where you stay in class all day, and the teachers come to you,” Ballard said when commenting about the differences between her new school and TCP. “I don’t like that because you only get to get out of your class once a day!”

She also complained of the dress code. “I do not have the freedom of picking out my own clothes. I get to wear this skirt and sweater every day. So ugly – you all should be happy you get that freedom.”

“Being totally immersed in a different culture is different,” Ballard noted. “It was a huge shock [to see] how everything looks and how people greet you. Still now, almost a month later, I feel like I am standing in line kissing everyone on the cheek to say hello. Then to say good bye [it’s] the same thing – cheek by cheek.”

She did note that she was surprised about how similar the food is to the US.

Over all, Ballard says that she loves it in Ecuador. She misses her family and friends, but feels that she is learning much from her experiences.

Book Review: “Destined” The Ninth Installment of the House of Night Series

By: Taylor Whittemore

Destined, the latest House of Night book by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, was released on October 25, 2011. It was published by St. Martin’s Press in New York, and was written for entertainment purposes.

Destined’s main focus is about a group of fledglings and vampires. A fledgling is a human in the process in become a vampire, complete with certain vampire abilities. They are undergoing the Change to turn into a vampire. The fledglings either complete the change or they die. The specific group of fledglings that the book is focused on is called the Nerd Herd by a character named Aphrodite due to their geeky tendencies. This includes Zoey, Damien, Erin, and Shaunee.

The setting is in modern day Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is mostly in the House of Night school and the tunnels under an old depot building; both home to fledglings and vampires.

Destiny resumes where the previous book in the series, Awakened, left off. It is the next installment to their adventures, and their quest to defeat the evil High Priestess, Neferet. Neferet is a positive character in the beginning of the series, often described as a mom-like figure to Zoey, the main protagonist. Throughout the later books, the reader learns just how evil Neferet is, and how strong her interactions with the Darkness are. The reader also learns that she is trying to start a violent war between vampires and humans.

Destined is the ninth book in the House of Night series. The first book is Marked, followed by Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted, Burned, and Awakened. They are all quite close in length, and Destined has 352 pages in a printed copy.

The authors focus on a teenage audience, but also included some mature themes. Cursing is quite frequent; however, it makes the vocabulary much more descriptive.

Because this is a later book in the series, there is little description of the surroundings due to the fact that they were all described in previous books. There is also very little description on the people, though the authors will put in a description occasionally to remind the reader what the characters look like.

The plot of Destined is very unpredictable. The authors have plot twists frequently, with surprising events happening once every few chapters. Because this is part of the series, the reader cannot predict whether the end of the book will be the end of the series or will be continued on in later books.

The authors interject comic relief into their writing, although Destined also has darker themes than some of the other books in the series, causing them to reduce the normal amount of comic relief in the book.

The characters in Destined are well developed, especially because there have been nine previous books to sharpen the characters’ personality and appearance in the reader’s mind. For instance, Zoey Redbird has been through trials and many tragic events throughout the previous books, but the reader is still developing her character in Destined. The new characters are described very well, and put a distinct picture in the reader’s mind. Characters have flaws, but they also have redeeming qualities to give the majority of them a likeable personality.

The dialogue, like the characters, is well developed, and each character has a very different tone. The book is written in first person, but rotates through different character’s point of view.

Destined was a well written book which will most likely appeal to teenage girls who like vampires, action, romance, drama, comedy, and adventure.