The Game of Go

By Maya Schenne

When someone says, “the game of Go,” what do you think of? Most people might say Pokemon Go. But the game of Go is completely different from Pokemon Go. For starters, Go originated in ancient China, about three to four thousand years ago. That’s even older than chess, almost two times older. Chess was played only a mere thousand and a half years compared to Go. The game is played with two players who choose either black or white. The board is similar to a chess board, only you play on the intersections, not in the squares. The rules are simple, but the game itself is complex. It is one of the oldest board games that you can still play today.

The game is played as follows. Two players each chose their color, the “weaker” player choosing black.The game contains 181 black stones and 180 white stones. The stones are called Yunzi stones. Black always goes first. Once you choose your color, black places their stone at an intersection. White follows, placing their stone. The object of the game is to control more territory than your opponent. You can “capture” a stone by cutting off all of its supply lines: the lines that connect it. There are many different techniques to use in this game. It is all about strategy. There are many different terms involved in this game. An Atari is a move that makes a stone, group, or chain only have one “supply line” left. An aji is a weakness left behind in the opponent’s position. You can find more terms at

The American Go Association (AGA) has lots of information that is useful for anyone wanting to learn the game. They describe Go as an “ancient board game which takes simple elements: line and circle, black and white, stone and wood, combines them with simple rules and generates subtleties which have enthralled players for millennia.” They also have a place where you can find places to play Go. One thing that was interesting is their list of Top Ten Reasons to Play Go. Here is the list:

  1. Go is the simplest of all games.
  2. Go is the most complex of all games.
  3. Go is the most popular game in the world today.
  4. Go is about building, not destroying.
  5. You always know where you fit in.
  6. All players are equal.
  7. It’s easy to learn from mistakes.
  8. Ancient rituals impart important values.
  9. Every game has a winner.
  10. Go is the oldest game still played in its original form.

You can find more information about the AGA at

Under this, they say, “Go is the ultimate mind sport. It has no equal in the strategic gaming world. The learning path can seem steep at first, but it gets better as you go along. We welcome you.” Now, you know all about the game of Go. You can find games online, or play against a computer if you don’t have the equipment. The price of the actual game board and stones can vary between 20 and 200 hundred dollars, depending on the quality: although they do make small travel size ones for around ten dollars.

Many people have played the game of Go. Here are a few quotes about the game from people who have played it.

“Chess has only two outcomes: draw and checkmate. The objective of the game . . . is total victory or defeat – and the battle is conducted head-on, in the center of the board. The aim of Go is relative advantage; the game is played all over the board, and the objective is to increase one’s options and reduce those of the adversary. The goal is less victory than persistent strategic progress.” — Dr. Henry Kissinger, quoted in Newsweek, 11/8/04

“In chess, you start with everything you have on the board. In Go, you start from nothing and build.” — Tim Klinger, quoted in the New York Times, July 29, 1997

“Studying Go is a wonderful way to develop both the creative as well as the logical abilities of children because to play it both sides of the brain are necessary.” — Cho Chikun 9-Dan, among the world’s strongest players

Go is the most popular board game in the world, even though it is not played as much in the United States. There are about 60 million Go players in the whole world: most of them in China, Japan, and Korea. Hopefully, more people will be aware of it in the United States. It is a very enjoyable game that uses strategy and creativity together. Maybe you will be the next Go player at Tri-City Prep.


The Boys’ Basketball Game on December 5th

By Ellie Cartier

The bleachers are packed. Everyone is refreshed from the previous girls’ basketball game loss. Hopes are high for this next match. The sound of shouts of encouragement fills the air, and everyone is on the edge of their seats.

Everyone is holding their breaths as the clock hits 4:59, and there are loud cheers as the game clock begins to count. There’s a lot of screaming, and the crowd is pumped. The ball is put into play, and the game begins. Within the first five minutes, Trinity snags two points from us, making the score 0-4. Our team doesn’t give up yet though. The chants, courtesy of Pep Club, are being shouted from all fans. Spencer, number twenty-two, earns a free throw and makes the shot, the score is now 1-4.

There are cheers and anxious chatter already swirling in the crowd.  Number two from Trinity attempts a free throw but it hits the rim and misses. Our team quickly steals the ball. Spencer races across the court and scores for us again, bringing the points to 3-4. The two teams start a head-to-head fight over which side of the court the ball is going to go. It’s like a ping-pong match, everyone watching back and forth. Luke from our team attempts to maneuver his way through and almost gets us a point, only to have the ball snatched from us by Trinity, and player 13 from their team scores. In very little time, the ball ends up back in Trinity’s hands, and 13 scores again, racking up points for his team, giving us the total of 3-8. Luke is having none of this and sprints his way to victory, not once, but twice, giving us four points.

Spencer seemed to feed off of this streak, as he too joins in and scores for us. The points are tallied up to 9-8. We’re in the lead and the crowd is feeling it, but that energy is taken away as player 2 from Trinity is able to gain four points for his team.

Connor, number one, is not okay with it. As the score is 12-9, he shoots and scores with Spencer following right behind him. The score is 13-12. We’re back in the lead, and everyone is excited. Everyone but number two because he scores again and takes away our lead. 13 does the same, and together they brought their points to 16.

It seems like the rush of the game is getting to everyone’s heads as 14 from Trinity somehow manages to hit the backboard from behind. They obviously need a break and they will get one soon. In the final minutes of the first half, Spencer and Connor both score with 13 from Trinity right behind them both. We end the half with a total of 17-19.

During the halftime, the crowd remains alert and ready to continue their support, and Ashton Burch is leading the chants loud and proud. The boys return, looking refreshed and ready to play once again.

Trinity starts us off with a two-point shot, thanks to a pass from number 2 to 13. 2 attempts a follow-up shot, but our Luke jumps out of basically nowhere and blocked it. Sadly, 2 earns a free throw and makes it twice. The score is 17-25 and our team is giving it everything they have. Iaasac, number 21, even slams into the wall in an attempt to get a shot. Gabe, 31, has got his back and scores a three-pointer for him. Trinity’s number 2 is back and shoots, earning a point before our Iaasac scores as well. The score is 26-29.

Ashton is back at it again, with chants of ‘Who’s gonna win? TRI-CITY!’ and ‘Who’s got better defense? IT’S TRI-CITY!’ Joining in with him are all the upperclassmen around him. Everyone’s hopes are still high.

13 from Trinity scores, spurring both Isaac and Connor to snag it and score themselves. Sadly, Trinity gets a foul and two free throws, scoring one of them. It’s 28-32. Spencer scores but Trinity gets another free throw and scores twice. 30-34, then 30-36 after 23 from Trinity shoots and scores again.

It’s the final countdown, and everyone is on the edge of their seats. Gabe gets a free throw and makes it, only to be outdone by 13 who scores two free throws, ending the game with a total of 31-38.


Although we lost, after talking with some boys from Trinity, they all agreed that we had improved greatly, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we hope to beat them in our next game.

Coco Movie Review

By Savannah Shah

Everyone knows Pixar, the amazing studio responsible for amazing blockbuster films. In case you didn’t know, Pixar has made Toy Story, Monster’s Inc., Finding Nemo, and countless others. Although they are kids movies, the recent ones often make the audience cry. For example: Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, and Up. Coco is no exception. The movie was absolutely amazing and was a big hit for Pixar. A lot of people said that they were going to skip out on Coco, but I have a word of advice for you: don’t. From the beautiful animation to the catchy songs, Coco will go down in Pixar history.

The first point to hit would be the animation. Pixar is really starting to push the boundaries of animation because Coco was visually stunning. The dark backgrounds were highlighted with bright colors, which gave an extremely pleasing effect. The detail was also amazing, for example, the skeletons who were closer to being forgotten had a lighter yellow color to them than those who were remembered, yet it wasn’t too much to be distracting. The characters themselves have come so far in animation since when Pixar first started. And the landscapes looked almost real as if they had stuck cartoon characters into the real world.

The next point to hit would be the characters. All the characters were extremely likable and had a lot of depth to them. The main character, Miguel, was likable in that he was more relatable than that of a Disney Princess. He was funny and an amazing lead for the movie. Miguel’s pet, Dante, was pulled off well because of the mixture of stupidity, yet knowing what was happening in the story led to a likable sidekick. The next big character was Hector. Hector was extremely likable because not only was he funny, but he had a lot of heart behind his character. Some of the characters who received less screen-time, but still played an important role, included Ernesto De La Cruz and Miguel’s dead family. A few of the characters, such as Miguel’s living family, were lumped together and didn’t have a lot of plot behind them.

The story centers around Miguel. His main goal in the movie is to play music, but his family forbids it because of what happened to great-great-grandpa. After his great-great-grandpa had left his great-great-grandma and their daughter, Coco, their family thought music was a curse. Miguel is different from his family because he likes music, specifically that of Ernesto De La Cruz who is a famous singer who had died and had learned how to play guitar. After figuring out who is great-great-grandfather was, he accidentally reveals that he loves music to his family, causing them to destroy his music merchandise. From there, Miguel gets his hands on a very famous guitar, and after strumming it transports himself to the land of the dead. To return to the land of the living, he must get a blessing from his family before he turns into a skeleton. There are a few complications that cause Miguel to join forces with Hector, a jokester who lives in the land of the dead. The plot was absolutely amazing, somewhat breaking the mold that Pixar uses so much.

Coco was Pixar’s first, somewhat, musical. The movie featured about five songs, all of which were pretty catchy. All the songs have a Mexican vibe to them because that is where the movie took place. One of the songs, Remember me, was used in three different ways. Each way gives another aspect to the story and the song itself. The songs were played at appropriate times instead of the characters just bursting out in music, which was a nice change from other Disney movies.

For those who cry during Disney movies, bring tissues. The movie was amazing but had a couple sad scenes, the last one is the saddest.

In the end, Coco was an amazing movie. The beautiful animation, heartbreaking story, and catchy songs made the movie unforgettable. I highly recommend to see Coco, Disney Pixar did wonderfully and I hope they keep up the trend. The next Pixar movies to come out are Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4, so hopefully, they can make them as memorable as Coco. Before Coco heads out of theaters, I highly recommend to stop by and see it, and don’t forget the tissues!



Time Person of the Year

by Gavin Sampson

Every Year Time Magazine releases its “Person of the Year” award. The award has existence since 1927 when it was given to Charles Lindbergh. This recognition is not an award in the normal sense of the word. Earning Person of the Year does not necessarily mean you are being praised and put on a pedestal. It simply means one has been talked about extensively in media. In fact, many recipients of the award have been what many would consider malicious actors.

The 2017 Time Person of the Year was actually a group. The “Silence Breakers” who were a group of women who began the social media phenomenon the #MeToo movement. The MeToo movement is a national and somewhat international movement of men and women coming forward to speak on their experiences of sexual assault and misconduct. The magazine used many of the women who began the movement as the centerpieces of the story and the cover. Some of these women were software engineer Susan Fowler, actress Ashley Judd, and singer Taylor Swift. The #MeToo movement was one of the largest media stories of the second half of 2017 and is still affecting industries today.

Prior to releasing this year’s Person of the Year time released a list of possible choices. Some of the runner-ups to the “Silence Breakers” were President Donald Trump, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Many of these other choices were also massive influences in the news. Like him or hate him no one can deny President Donald Trump’s massive media influence over the past year. Also, going on the tide of an extreme media presence we have Kim Jong-Un who was extremely important as the North Korean dictatorship reached new advances in its quest for nuclear weapons. The verbal battles between President Trump and North Korea were partially the cause for rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula. General Secretary Xi Jinping of China has also been in the news for his recent increases in power over China. Many others who were very important in the past year, such as the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos who just recently became the richest man in the world, were also part of the possible list released by Time.

Time Magazine’s well-known list of renowned people is an annual tradition that almost always stirs up some conspiracy and some contention as people argue for who they believe should have been the recipient. As this year was a group of people as opposed to one single recipient we have to look at the values presented by the #MeToo movement as opposed to a looking at one person. Whomever you believe should have received the award the “Silence Breakers” movement have already had a massive effect on the movie industry and many other industries when it comes to treatment of harassment and assault incidents. The impact they began will continue to be felt in the world for years to come. The effects that come from the movement will hopefully end in positive changes for many industries.

Net Neutrality

by Gavin Sampson

If you’ve been browsing the internet for the past couple of months you’ve definitely heard of something called Net Neutrality. Well to some that may sound like a political stance regarding fishing nets and sea turtles. It is actually an extremely important subject that has come into the public eye heavily over the past few years. It is something that affects everyone who uses the internet.

So what is Net Neutrality? Net Neutrality a very important and relatively recent idea. It’s the principal Internet service providers (If you’re wondering who they are, just check the top left-hand corner of your phone screen) must treat all data on the internet the same. They can’t censor, slow, or speed up any set of data on the Internet. “What does that have to do with me?” you ask. A lot actually. Net Neutrality rules forbid an ISP such as Verizon or AT&T from being able to create paid fast lanes. It stops these providers from being able to slow your Netflix while speeding up your Hulu. They could throttle the speed of a competitor’s service so people are more inclined to use their service. It even goes farther than that. Without any Net Neutrality rules in place, an ISP can even block entire websites from your viewing unless you and that website pay a fee to be visitable. ISPs could, in essence, be able to control what you see or at least speed up or slow down what you’re seeing.

Back in the happy year of 2014, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received millions of comments requesting that the Internet become classified as a “telecommunications service”. Basically, the Internet is something that is so vital to business and life, that it should not be censorable or controllable. The FCC decided that this was correct and this decision allowed the internet in the United States to be classified as a service which meant that Net neutrality was firmly in place. No ISP could throttle your internet. ISPs fought and fought to get these regulations replaced, but were unsuccessful. Net Neutrality stayed.

Then came the 2016 election cycle. President Donald Trump was elected and the Republican Party gained a majority over both houses of Congress. President Donald Trump is anti-Net Neutrality as sees it as a detriment to the free market. He designated an already serving member of the commission, Ajit Pai, as the new FCC Chairman. Ajit Pai is fiercely anti-Net Neutrality and immediately began the process of trying to remove the regulations. He argues that Net Neutrality hinders the ISPs ability manage all of the data being processed. He also believes that a free market strategy is superior as competition in the marketplace and Americans punishing a company who throttles by switching carriers will result in a fairer and more open Internet. His push to remove the regulations have been met with widespread arguments as over two million comments were left on the FCC’s site when it was opened up for comment.

As of now, the FCC plans to vote on the removal of Net Neutrality on December 14th. The resolution is expected to pass as 3 out of the 5 commissioners are for it as of now. No matter the direction the vote goes the final decision will be massive in its effect on the Internet.