Student Achievements

This is a place to share the achievements of TCP students, including Student of the Month awards and scholarships.



A Spotlight on Thea Cline by Natalie Krafft

Thea Cline is a freshmen, in her first year at Tri-City Prep. Just last month, she was awarded Student of the Month for both her stellar grades and her impeccable behavior.

“I honestly don’t see myself as different from other students at Tri-City: I do my homework and take school seriously. Outside of school, though, I fence, which is quirky and different,” says Cline on what she think sets her apart from other students.

When she found out that she got this award she was “excited and surprised”. For her, this was even more of a surprise because she didn’t know the award existed! In her opinion, the Student of the Month serves as an incentive for all students.

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