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Something Unexpected

The classic hero’s quest takes an unexpected turn…


Star Wars Episode VII

A continuation of the Star Wars series

Older films

Kindness Week: A Review

By Erin Pflueger

Kindness week was put on by PAL to spread the love through TCP. PAL had a special theme every day for the three day week for people to strive for.

The focus for Tuesday was “Assist,” Wednesday was “Encourage,” and Thursday was “Provide.”

TCP was very involved, and this PAL week was a great experience for everyone. All of the TCP family was kind and caring, which made others feel welcome and at home.

PAL is very thankful that TCP was very involved in making Kindness Week happen.

New Tablets Announced for TCP Students

Microsoft surface

By Anna Flurry

December 20th, 2012 marks an exciting day in Tri-City Prep history. During the last school period before Winter Break, after a rousing College Bowl (which the seniors won), Mrs. Milliken asked Terri and Rick Rashid to address the student body with a special announcement. Continue reading