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Watch out for the Crumple-Nosed Snorkacks!

By Amanda Bertsch

Tuesday, December 17th was Harry Potter Day, hosted by Denobis. The club sold buttersoda, cauldron cakes, and wands. There was also a costume and trivia contest.

The event was to raise money for a senior print edition of Denobis. This will be given to the graduating seniors to help them remember their time at TCP. If the first edition goes well, one will be printed off every year. The proceeds from Wednesday morning breakfast sales also goes toward the senior print edition. Continue reading


Tri-city Night of Music

By Kelcie Kruse

PRESCOTT, AZ- On the night of Friday, December 13th, patrons of all ages gathered at the Court House Square in Downtown Prescott for Acker Night. The festivities started up around 5:30. Musicians, singers, performers, and even athletes were seen throughout the evening. The square was packed, and by 6:30 there weren’t any decent parking spaces left.
Each year the citizens of the Tri-city area come together for a night of well-deserved frivolity. This was my first year to attend Acker Night and I was impressed by how well the community was able to come together for a peaceful evening of music and expression.
The tradition is for people of talent, be it in music or martial arts, to come and perform in the various shops at the square. I saw a young class of martial arts students breaking planks of wood outside an ice cream shop, which was admittedly surprising. The music itself varied from choirs and classical music to carols and country music with banjos and cellos.
One particular performance I was able to attend was by two youths in an antique shop. The sisters were on a cello and piano, and they performed some of the first carols I had heard that evening. The two instruments went beautifully together and filled up the little shop with the Holidays.
Some people wonder what the purpose is of Acker Night, how it was started and why we attend it every year. It is literally an annual evening first coined by J. S. Acker to keep music alive in our young people. In the early 1900s he relocated to Prescott. He sold music supplies for children in his General Store. When he died in 1955 he left parcels to the City of Prescott for parks and music programs for the kids.
The Event really came alive well after his death, however, with LaVon Anderson. She was an advocate of children’s music and wanted to bring Prescott’s downtown together with the music of the community. She headed the J. S. Acker musical showcase in 1988 during the holiday season. Quickly becoming popular, it now features over 100 businesses and performers.
While walking around the town I noticed bags advertising donations for scholarships. With some digging, I saw that the purpose of them is to raise money to fund music education in Prescott. It is designed to further the private education of students who wish to go even further with their music outside the classroom.

The Robotics Challenge

By Sid Mattila

On the Saturday of December 7th the students in the robotics team took their robot to The Skills Challenge at Phoenix MetroTech. The team has been working on the robot since the beginning of the semester and has already improved a lot since their first days in the group. The robot they created was an amazing accomplishment for all the people who participated due to the complexity of the robot. The teams executed the task in a great manor.

The robot they used preformed a task that, at first glimpse, appeared simple but was anything but. The robot was tasked with completing a small obstacle course and then using some sort of lift had to raise a ball a minimum of three feet off the ground which sounds simple enough if it weren’t for the mechanical aspect of it all. The team had to be able to control the robot and be able to operate the lift remotely. To make the robot the teams had to design, assemble the parts, and create a valid method of coding. These tasks were accomplished by some of Tri-City’s bright students. Continue reading

From Colonial College to Research University: Rutgers University

By Amanda Bertsch

Rutgers University is the state university of New Jersey and December’s school of the month. Rutgers has three unique campuses: New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden.  Together, the three process 58,200 students a year. Rutgers accepts more than 60% of applicants and costs less than half what most top-tier colleges do, making it a feasible alternative to the Ivy League universities.

Continue reading

The Sport of Airsoft

By Markus Weinzinger

People are familiar with such activities like video games, football, dancing, and paintball. However, there is another activity that is lying just beneath the skin. Airsoft is a sport born from the gun ban in Japan and other Asian countries and has endured and evolved over time to become a favorite pastime. Airsoft equipment, appearing like real-steel guns, are powered by different functions. Official fields have been created and can be found across the U.S. and beyond. Misconceptions and safety violations have and can plague airsoft unless responsibility and safety are learned and practice. If video games were great entertainment, airsoft takes the experience to a whole new level! Continue reading