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A Second Mystery Message Presents a Puzzle

Earlier in the year, Denobis received a mystery message in the mailbox. Recently, another message was discovered:

The message reads as follows:

“AGENT CANTON                                                       17 March 1938

I regret to inform that things have changed. My escort got blown out of the Aegean Sea, and at this current time I am being pursued by the Sultan, and he’s brought along a few friends with shiny rifles and knives plus a menu with my head on it. Presentyl [sic.] I am hiding under a bush wth the goons flashing their torches at me Like some hunters devoid of purpose and replaced by sheep intuition. Nevertheless, the mission must go on, and my guide’s sacrifice will not be relegated to a water grave. For now, Agent Canton out.

20-8-9-19   9-19   20-8-5   20-15-16

“Parlez mon amoure en Lyons j’eai zaimerai elle souvent.” ”

If anyone has any information on what the numbers might mean or on the translation of the French quote at the bottom, please email Denobis staff at or drop a note in the mailbox. Denobis members have placed a response in the box to see if this mysterious Agent Canton will start a conversation. Look for more posts on this subject as more information is revealed.