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Women’s Marches: The 10 Things To Know

By Amanda Bertsch


On January 20th, the United States will swear in its 45th president. On January 21st, hundreds of thousands will take to the streets.

The idea of a January 21st march originated on Facebook and spread quickly. The Women’s March on Washington website now boasts a neat design and an estimate of more than 200,000 attendees. Sister marches across the country could bring out more than a million Americans in protest on Donald Trump’s very first day in office. This Q-and-A breaks down what you need to know.


  1. Why are people marching?

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How to Avoid Confrontation at Thanksgiving Dinner: A Guide

By Amanda Bertsch

With the recent election, politics is bound to come up over the turkey this year. Struggling to cope with your relatives’ political choices? Looking to avoid the subject of Aunt Muriel’s political theories? Just plain sick of politics? Denobis has you covered with your last minute guide to the holidays. These five simple strategies are guaranteed to turn the conversation to safer subjects.

1. Announce that you’re going to school for 18th century artistic portrayals of Nigerian literature.

This is the time of year for many to get caught up on their family’s business, so don’t hold back! Memorize this absurd major and you’ll be sure to impress. Your grandparents will be too busy enumerating the ways you’ll fail to get a job and be a productive member of society to even ask how you voted. Plus, doesn’t it sound interesting?

2. Poison the cranberry sauce.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a little family feuding, and what better way to do this than with a little sabotage? No one will think to bring up the election results when they’re wondering which dish you’ve targeted this year, and let’s face it, no one would notice the difference in the cranberry sauce anyway.

3. Hold the potatoes hostage.

Now potatoes, on the other hand, are the true star of any Thanksgiving table. At the beginning of the meal, assert dominance by grabbing the entire dish and holding it tightly above your head. Warn your family that if anyone mentions politics, you’ll smash the potatoes on the floor. At dessert, try the same strategy with the apple pie to give your family a sweet surprise.

4. Speak only in Sanskrit. 

Yes, Sanskrit, the ancient and dead language. No one will be able to argue with you if they can’t understand what you’re saying, and if they bring up politics, you can just speak louder. Feel those verb conjugations. Let them fill the room. Sanskrit has no word for partisan fighting.

5. Release a ton of bees.

If all else fails, just release a whole bunch of bees into the room. They’re good for the environment, you know.


Denobis regrets that all strategies are undertaken at the reader’s own risk.

The Political Season–An Overview

By Emma Burns

As the nation dives in to this new campaign season, it is helpful to be fully equipped with knowledge about the potential future presidents.

The Democratic nominee is named Hillary Clinton. Clinton is currently our great nation’s Secretary of State (formerly the First Lady). She is (as of the eleventh of September, 2016) leading in the polls against her Republican opponent by an estimated five percentage points, according to the Huffington Post. She has a strong stance on issues such as the reformation of our criminal justice system, LGBT+/ disability equality, and reassessment of the cost of college tuition.

The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is a famed entrepreneur and the former host of television show The Apprentice. Over the course of this election, Trump has gathered many devout supporters, thanks to his often brazen opinions on issues otherwise left alone. This candidate has shown a devotion to the upholding of the second amendment; other heavy campaign concentrations include immigration and healthcare.

Trump and Clinton are not the only candidates in this important race; there are also third party candidates from both the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. For the Green Party the nominee is physician Jill Stein, and for the Libertarians there is businessman Gary Johnson. Both of these candidates are polling significantly lower than Clinton and Trump. However, we could see a surge in poll numbers as this election progresses.

Most recently, the news coverage in this election has been centered around concerns about Clinton’s health and comments Donald Trump made surrounding the tragedy of September 11th, but hopefully as November 8th approaches, more coverage will be on the issues of the campaign.

The deadline to register for the November election is October 10th, 2016, so make sure to complete all necessary paperwork prior to that date! Every vote matters, so it is important that as many people as possible come out to vote for their favorite nominee, whoever that may be.