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Comedy has Come to Campus

By Amanda Bertsch

A circle of students sit on the floor of the auditorium, eyes closed. Together, they count up to twenty, trying to sense when another person is about to speak. “Slowly,” someone cautions. This isn’t some kind of cult meeting. It’s the newest club on campus, and it’s already changing the way students think about comedy.

Last semester, improv comedy performer Alex Backes came to give the drama class a week of lessons. In improv comedy, performers work together to create comedic skits on the spot. Warmups, such as the counting game described above, are used to develop skills and also get in the mood for comedy after a stressful day.

Junior Lizzy Rizk was a TA when the drama class was doing improv, and she jumped in to join the lessons. She later described this experience as the inspiration for the club.

“I performed with them, and I had so much fun doing it, and it made me want to continue doing improv,” she said. “It just all kind of snowballed from there.”

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