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Senior Send-Off: Advice from an Alum

For today’s senior send-off, alum Natalie Krafft takes a look at her freshman year in college as a music education major. Below, she lists 100 things she learned in her freshman year, from practice strategies to life advice.

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TCP’s Spring Concert A Success

By Natalie Krafft


On April 14th, Tri-City Prep’s music department had its very last concert of the year. All three groups performed exceptionally that night. The audience was also given the lovely surprise of a quintet group, dubbed Strings and Things.

Choir was the first to go, and they suffered a small mishap of not being able to find their music. However, a couple students went up and provided some light humor to distract from the mild setback. Everything eventually went for better and the choir sang beautifully, as always.

Strings and Things also made their debut performance with an excerpt from the Eine Kleine Nachtmusick by Mozart. Lauren Sarantopoulos and Devon Bonelli played on their violin while Amanda Bertsch played the Violin I part on her flute with Sarantopoulos. Natalie Krafft was on viola, and Mathew Lanning played away on his cello.

Beginnings Strings played after, surpassing many people’s expectations. What is interesting about this year’s class is that many of them already had a musical background. This previous knowledge of music most certainly helped them to sound better than other Beginning Strings classes from the past.

Chamber Orchestra settled for vigor in their selections playing both loud and strong pieces. Despite the awkwardness of setting up the chairs, the audience seemed very pleased with the music itself. Mrs. T also took this time to award Lauren Sarantopoulos and Ethan & Natalie Krafft the silver ladle award for winning this year’s Chili Cook Off.

To end the program, all three groups came together to sing a medley of songs from The Phantom of the Opera. Many soloists were featured for this pieces. Kate DuBroy, Seth Rollin, Grace Padilla, Ian Otto, Solena Daniels, Dayna Bergman, Ammon Worden, Max Baker, and Emma Burns were all among the soloists. They all sang incredibly alongside their fellow peers.

Now that the spring concert has come to an end, the classes now work towards Graduation! Graduation will be on May 27th and it is mandatory for all music students to attend. The TCP Music Department did a wonderful job this year with all their hard work and performances!

TCP’s Last Concert of the Year is Here

By Natalie Krafft

Every year, Tri-City Prep hosts two concerts: one during the fall semester and one during the spring semester. The spring concert is also the concert where the winner of the Chili Cook-off will be awarded the silver ladle. This year, the concert will be held this Thursday, April 14th at 7 pm.

Beginning Strings, Choir, and Chamber Orchestra will all perform a selection of songs for the audience, as is in most concerts. In addition to this being the last concert for all music classes at TCP, the music classes will all come together to sing a musical as they do every year. Last year it was Les Misérables, and this year, they bring you The Phantom of the Opera!

There is no charge to see the concert so feel free to come watch the music classes and support them as they perform their absolute best for you!

2016 Regionals Auditions

By Natalie Krafft


Try out for Regionals, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

And of course “they” were right, as always. For those who don’t know, the Northwest Regionals Festival takes place February 18th though the 20th in Phoenix, Arizona and only select students can attend by auditioning for a spot. The auditions this year were on the 23rd at Coconino High School in Flagstaff.

Every year, high schoolers from around the Northwest region of Arizona audition into either the Orchestra, Band, or the Choir. This includes schools from Sedona, Flagstaff, Page, and here in Prescott.

This year, Tri-City is proud to send Max Baker to band on trombone along with Grace Padilla and Dayna Bergman as sopranos in the choir. And for the orchestra, Lauren Sarantopoulos and Devon Bonelli are both second violins, Kate DuBroy and Natalie Krafft are violas, Mathew Lanning and Thea Cline are cellos, and Kaleb Lyonnais and Emma Burns are on bass. Kate DuBroy, Mathew Lanning, and Kaleb Lyonnais all made the highest score in the entire region for their instruments.

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