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Mystery Message

The Denobis mailbox recently received an odd message, as follows:

“CIA Report No. 731

Hello, Agent Canton here.

My suspiscions [sic.] regarding the recent activities in the Gulf of Aden are affirmed.

Mamba, though nursing a badly wounded calf, helped me exfil via Zodiac boat. The Saudi royal families have been harboring affiliates of Hamas, providing a discreet rabbit hole into the West Bank. Signs indicate Israel’s Arab neighbors are poised for another assault on tentative targets in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. I’ve sent a dispatch to General Ezra Romm to maneuver his division toward the Sinai Peninsula. They should be able to catch the terrorists off guard. IN THE MEANTIME, I will continue to operate here in Luxor, until my deployment is complete. That is all, I await Mother Goose on the 23#d, [sic.] don’t be late.


Yours truly,

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