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Your Insomniac and You

Patricia Azevedo
Lying awake in the dark seems to be becoming a common pastime of youths in the United States. Currently in the U.S., a little less than half of the youths between ages 10-17 experience sleep deprivation in some form. In addition to being sleep deprived, children between ages 10-17 transfer from elementary school, to middle school, and then finally to high school within a relatively short time period. At such a stressful time, when suicide rates for this age group skyrocket, children are put in competitive environments and often told it will affect the rest of their lives.

Your circadian rhythm is your internal clock, and when these this is messed with there are significant reductions in immune system abilities. Your internal clocks also control when it’s time to eat and sleep. Sleep deprivation causes more sleep deprivation, while healthy sleeping schedules result in healthier sleeping schedules.

If sleep deprivation becomes extreme, it can become insomnia. Insomniacs have varying levels of intensity: some may sleep for maybe 6 hours a night (mild insomnia), but some people who suffer from insomnia may not sleep for days and then end up passing out once for 8-14 hours (serious, chronic insomnia).

While it’s impossible to completely remove stress from the lives of American adolescents, getting enough sleep is important. Sleep deprivation can cause lower grades, depression, and even higher risks of car crashes. There are a few things you can do to encourage sleep in yourself and those around you. Continue reading