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How to Change the World

By Saiarchana Darira


Earth. We all live here. Yet we all view the planet in different ways. Some believe that this is a world filled with poverty, war, and bigotry, but others believe that this is a world that can be filled with light, love, and potential. It all depends on your perspective. There is bigotry, poverty, and war; there always has been. But you can be part of the light and love that is fighting the negative aspects of humankind.

How does one change a world that seems accustomed to its ways? It seems incredibly difficult, but it’s still possible. Only those who are willing to take the means to create change achieve it.

There are many ways to change the world, either by leaving a negative impact or a positive impact. This article will focus on leaving a positive impact. Right now, the world needs more positivity.

There is no set-in-stone way to catalyze change. This is only one method of the million ways.

Here is how to change the world.

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