Panthers Scrimmage and Learn a Couple Things from Orme

Dillon Stowell attempts to dribble towards the bucket as Will Bodine sets a screen for him
By Sabrina Flick

  Both the boys and girls basketball teams traveled to Orme High School recently for a pre-season scrimmage. At Orme, Tri City found out what its skill level was and also prepared for the start of a new season.

 “I think that the scrimmage was a great experience for the team, because it showed our strengths and also the things we need to improve on before our first game,” said Paige Skousen.

 The girls played a hard game with a lot of effort and determination. Unfortunately, they lost, but only by a few points.

 The boys also played a hard game against the number one guy’s team in Arizona (Orme). Tri City played an intense game, but unfortunately Orme came out on top.

 “Our team played good for the first game against a very good team and I am looking forward to a good season this year and I am very excited”, said Dillon Stowell.

 “I thought that we played pretty good in the beginning but then when they started scoring our team lost some heart and gave up somewhat,” said Dallas Meade. “This was our first game of the season though and we were playing the team that was number 1 in Arizona last year, but I believe we learned from the game and so come next game time expect a much closer game.”